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02/26/2011 18:22:22 •••

Ah, My Goddess! Your series is wonderful!

The manga is remarkably sweet, tasteful, and chasté, but still crazy and awesome— like Bewitched drunk on champagne. The animé (or at least, the '05 version) takes the series and completely transforms it, but it is no less entertaining— in fact, it's even better. (Like Bewitched buzzed on sugar, if you will.) Amongst all the incarnations, the series has everything you could possibly ask for, regardless of your taste. Highly recommended, especially as a gateway series to the Japanese pop-culture fandom.

09/24/2010 00:00:00

I actually detested Bewitched, due to the way Darrin rejects Samantha's magical half, trying to force her into the stereotypical housewife mode. Keiichi, by contrast, embraces Belldandy for herself. The only times he tries to get her to cool it with the magic are to prevent their possibly being separated.

02/26/2011 00:00:00

Yeah it was this shows similarities to the dated sexism that is Bewitched that made me dislike this show.

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