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Sep 6th 2014 at 2:23:09 PM •••

Idea for a new Complete Monster entry:

Whilst the other two protagonists of the remake have relatively valid excuses for their violent behavior (Sweet Tooth is possessed by a demon and Mr. Grimm is broken after the death of his father), Krista 'Dollface' Sparkes has no excuse other than greed, killing her competition so she can become the world's greatest supermodel. She saws one's high heel off, causing her to fall off the catwalk and break her neck and bludgeons another one to death with a sledgehammer. When she gets an almost unnoticeable scar, she dismembers her plastic surgeon for the heinous crime of telling her it doesn't need to be fixed. Vile, vindictive and violent, Dollface represents every negative feature of the cut-throat fashion industry turned up to eleven.

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