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May 25th 2017 at 3:44:15 PM •••


The article claims Link´s Awakening may be shorter than Link Between Worlds. That is not true. The dungeons are much bigger and you have to fulfill more quests to gain access to the levels.

Dec 19th 2016 at 2:29:21 PM •••

"He also imprisons several soldiers around Hyrule Castle by turning them into paintings(leading to potential Fridge Horror when the paintings vanish from the walls)"

I removed the highlighted part because the game makes it clear that the regular soldiers didn't disappear, and only the enemy soldier disappear.

Basically the previous entry seemed to think that the soldiers were erased by their fellow guards, but:

  • The game notes the Painted Soldiers won't disappear no matter how much they're scrubbed.
  • The Soldiers that disappear, and were attempted to be scrubbed away are actually Living Art, and are quite distinct from Hyrule Soldiers who wear an entirely different uniform without armor. The Soldier enemies seemingly only look like the Hyrule Soldiers of ALTP due to all enemies from that game being re-used.
  • The Soldiers only disappear because they came out of the walls, and are attacking the player now.
  • While there are actual Hyrule Soldiers turned into painting within the castle, they never disappear within the game.

So Fridge Horror Averted. Though there's still some Fridge Logic over Artifact Mook.

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