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Aug 25th 2016 at 7:49:04 PM •••

Timmy is listed as both The Scrappy and as an Unpopular Popular Character. Isn't that a contradiction? He might be one or the other, but he can't be both.

Jul 3rd 2013 at 10:14:29 PM •••

I don't get it, why isn't Miss Doombringer a Complete Monster? Have you seen what she has tried to do? Her methods of hunting fairies were far more heinous than Crocker's

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Feb 7th 2014 at 3:52:20 AM •••

More like she was better at it.

Jan 9th 2012 at 1:07:48 AM •••

Armed with Canon:

  • Several episodes released since the live action movie, all of which were written and produced a few months before the movie was (but delayed until a few months after), have several explanations to what fans thought were contradictions in the live action movie. Most notably, Timmy can tell other characters about his fairies so long as Jorgen does not find out.

This does not fit the trope it was listed under. The trope is: "...this trope refers to infighting within the official ranks of a shared-universe franchise, where creative teams will take potshots at each other, using their own stories to undercut, contradict, Retcon, or just plain insult the work of their rivals."

The shipping wars count. Using the last few episodes to clear up inconsistencies and apparent contradictions does not count under this trope.

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Camacan MOD
Jan 15th 2012 at 9:38:14 PM •••

Here is the rest of it. I just don't see how this is Armed with Canon. What is the canon material deliberately being used by one set of official authors to take potshots at the work of another set? To my mind shipping wars do not relate to this trope in any way since that's fan business and the fan community is out of scope for this one.

  • Armed with Canon: Timmy/Tootie shippers have a live action movie which shows them getting together as adults. Whether or not the movie is canon is hotly contested by other FOP fans, whom do not like the live action movie because of that outcome, contradictions in the plot, the bad publicity it got even before release, or simply because its live action. The live action film was made by series creator Butch Hartman and producer Scott Fellows. In addition, the Nickelodeon official website flat out states that Tootie has Tammy and Tommy.

Edited by Camacan
Jan 15th 2012 at 10:27:22 PM •••

Ah. I misunderstood the definition of Armed with Canon then. My mistake.

Dec 26th 2011 at 10:03:37 AM •••

I noticed that in the YMMV tab (what fun this always brings...) that someone has seasons 6 and 7 as Growing the Beard. ....Is that a joke? Or an attempt at being contrarian? Those seasons, the Poof era as some call them, are almost universally disliked.

The only time I've seen someone praise season 6 and 7 was in a quite badly composed review for Wishology by someone who was clearly hyped up over that Trixie kissing scene and nothing else. Yet that and much of the rest of the Poof era aren't liked by most fans, and the way the ratings for this show plummeted after the release of Wishology is testament to that.

FOP didn't really grow a beard, most people agree that it got worse as it went on and some suggest it happened even before Poof was born. However, if there was a time that FOP was looking like it could possibly be evolving into a more interesting show, it was around the release of Channel Chasers. I know someone is going to say "Yeah, but Timmy was Genre Savvy in Wishology." He was in Channel Chasers and Abra-Catastrophe as well; Wishology was just an awful recycled plot which most fans have forgotten already; Timmy being the one to figure out how to solve a wish is a constant in FOP episodes, so that is another bogus trope reference that should be removed as well.

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Dec 26th 2011 at 10:43:14 AM •••

This is why it's YMMV. For reference, I don't know anything about the show. I keep watch on this because of rabid shipping wars that occur every few months.

In this case, someone thinks it's Growing the Beard. You, on the other hand, do not. As such, I added a "for some" qualifier onto it. However, removing it because you personally dislike it isn't kosher. If others speak up and it becomes clear that it is, as you say, universally disliked, then we'll discuss taking it off.

Oct 17th 2011 at 9:50:41 PM •••

Did anyone find the beginning of "When Losers Attack" as an example of Accidental Nightmare Fuel where it looks like Timmy is blasted with a ray gun and there's just a big gaping hole there and then his pink hat fell to the ground?

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