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Sep 27th 2021 at 9:55:20 PM •••

Due to it being sung by Serena's Voice Actress, I feel like the English theme to Pokemon Master Journeys (Journey to Your Heart) could very well be interpreted as Serena singing it to Ash. Just like the ending song to the I Chose You movie.

Aug 21st 2021 at 5:59:59 PM •••

I won't lie, I really want to reference the fact that Goh's gender may play a role with Franchise Original Sin, but I have no idea how to properly phrase it. It's just something i've notice that two male leads, especially if they replace each other, often leads to problems, and I feel like Goh aggravates in a way I never saw Dawn, who I'd call the closest previous co-lead character, did. I just....have no idea how to trope the thing.....

Do I add Unfortnate Implciations? Is there a trope about Optimus versus Rodimus type frictions? Etc etc.

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Sep 27th 2021 at 9:57:27 PM •••

I'm not sure. Goh is a big Broken Base. Especially since he takes the spotlight away from Ash. Also, if he is catching them all, how is he going to catch the Porygon line?

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