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Oct 4th 2017 at 3:46:32 AM •••

Just wondering about the deleted Padding entry of the 'Bar Fight' scene. The reason I added it was because I thought it has no connection with the main story as a whole at all. Those random dudes just start a fight with Harry's group for no apparent reason, unlike in the first film where those who fought with Harry are Dean's goons who have a bone to pick with Eggsy. In the second movie, the scene mostly exists to be a Call-Back to that, as well as giving Whiskey an excuse to show off his skills.

If they wanted to show that Harry is suffering from The Worf Effect, they could've just as easily change it to be fighting agaisnt Poppy's goons in the field mission instead. It doesn't have to be an obvious Call-Back bar brawl scene but with random goons that have nothing to do with the plot. If this entry was deleted, then how is Whiskey vs. Eggsy and Harry Post-Climax Confrontation there as well? Even though he's not related to Poppy's organization or shares her goal, he still has a valid excuse to do what he did, and thus has a legitimate reason to be the Kingsmen's final opponent. That doesn't sound like Padding to me.

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