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Jan 25th 2013 at 9:39:59 AM •••

Regarding Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy YMMV doesn't equal a free license to add anything. Our world also has fighting all over the place. Koko has a god complex, but she isn't selfish- she doesn't appear to want anything for herself, and does several things against her interest like offing bad clients. We don't learn Koko's plan until the last few pages of the penultimate volume- until then, the plot is driven by not terribly dark plot threads like the CIA looking to control her and the question of who is sending the assassins. And whether her plan will work or not, it's made explicitly clear that WW 3 is about to start, with far more than 700,000 fatalities. The series has an overarching tone of hope, both for humanity and for the characters, far from the Grim Dark needed for the trope.

And no, I don't have rose colored glasses on this. Her plan is almost certain to fail, for the exact reasons that her brother gives, and ultimately she has two computers which, however fast they are, simply can't monitor or respond to everything at once without some serious AI upgrades that we aren't shown (and aren't indicated, considering she plans to do a blanket shut down of the sky rather than just force everyone to land and not go back up). But this is a question of presentation, and the presentation is hopeful, not grim, and the choice between mass murder and mass war doesn't come up until the end of the series, and it's not an ending trope.

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Mar 5th 2013 at 7:12:45 AM •••

Really? Because I'm looking at all these characters and they're seriously too dark to even care what happens to them. It's not really a good thing about a series when you want the main character dead.

Besides, how can someone have a God-Complex and NOT be selfish? That makes no sense whatsoever. She clearly only cares about herself and it makes a LOT more sense that her plan is not a way to stop war, but to make it worse just so she could make more money via weapons-selling. The only other reason for the bad ending is that the writer didn't even think about the possible implications, or that Koko is literally stupid enough to think it'll work.

So tke your pick, either she's selfish, stupid or it has incredibly bad writing. Your choice, but either way, Koko's basically just willing to kill 700 thousand people just because what SHE selfishly thinks is right. Yet it's been seen time and again in other anime that mass killing NEVER solves the problem. SO she's nothing more then a Villain Protagonist.

How the heck is that many deaths supposed to be "hopeful"?

Still seems like Darkness Induced Audience Apathy to me dude.

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