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Mar 16th 2017 at 6:21:20 AM •••

Seriously? People are gonna misrepresent what Finn Jones actually said about the show and its reviews (for obviously political reasons, let's not kid ourselves here), but no one is going to bat an eye at that small part about Loras Tyrell? Because apparently playing a Camp Gay character (who is also a badass) means that you are a bad casting choice for a martial artist? Hint: Keanu Reeves also has zero actual martial arts experience, yet I see no one bitching that he's John Wick.

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Mar 16th 2017 at 6:39:23 AM •••

Personally, I don't see what the Camp Gay bit adds (other than the fact that his character was Flanderized from being secretly gay badass to gay idiot) but the martial arts thing does stand. Considering the character is pretty much defined by the fact he's that damn good at martial arts, that's pretty damning.

The Keanu Reeves comparison is... well, borderline nonsensical. Keanu Reeves has had good, if not great martial arts scenes. Finn... has not. If I recall, he had one fight scene in GOT, where he was armored and being wailed on by another armored figure. Moreover, John Wick was an original character. The reason audiences consider him a legendary badass worthy of praise is they've seen Keanu's performance as him. Audiences expect Iron Fist to be a legendarily awesome fighter because he's a preestablished character.

I do agree that the cut bit about the interview was irrelevant natter, mind you.

Mar 16th 2017 at 4:53:31 PM •••

I agree the Camp Gay bit was really not necessary, when the 'no martial arts experience when playing Marvel's most prominent martial artist' more than suffices. The John Wick comparison though is a little stupid; Keanu Reeves has done Martial arts roles in the past (The Matrix?).

I don't think the entries were 'misrepresenting' what Finn Jones has said and I think dismissing them as just being political reasons as being silly, though. Regardless of politics, Finn Jones' response to critics has earned further backlash because people are perceiving him as being unable to take criticism by trying to explain away the backlash; they could be misinterpreting what he's saying, but this isn't about that, its the audience reaction to it.

Mar 17th 2017 at 4:45:07 PM •••

Charlie Cox didn't have any experience either. And while I see that what Finn Jones said could piss people off, it seems like a lot of people are looking for any reason to attack the show. Of the Rotten Tomatos reviews (from a few days ago, haven't checked back) only 2 of them didn't mention Danny's race. And one of them still went on to say that they didn't like it but claimed that it wouldn't influence their review. Combine that with the blacklash against a white character being white and I have to assume that there's personal motivation here.

Mar 17th 2017 at 11:09:27 PM •••

Charlie Cox also had similar WTH, Casting Agency? backlash for this reason; his lack of any action credit did cause weariness when announced. Not as big mind, but still.

Most of the reviews repeat a lot of the same points-slow beginning, weak action, poor casting, etc. The fact multiple reviews point out the race issues doesn't really mean there's any more of a link relating to that than it would mean there was some anti-slow burn agenda going on or a backlash towards weak action.

Mar 17th 2017 at 11:20:29 PM •••

That could be true but all of the netflix shows have felt kinda slow to me. Plus, the fact that the influx all came out the same and and have been coming MONTHS before the show makes me consider a more personal aspect to the criticisms. Honestly, I really enjoy the show and have enjoyed the comics for the last few years. It's frustrating to see people attacking something for doing something as innocuous as casting a white man to play a white man.

Nov 3rd 2016 at 11:11:41 PM •••

It seems that the vast majority of this section is that people are upset that Marvel hasn't Race Lifted Danny. But why should that be something the YMMV page has to do? Of course they aren't gonna.

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