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Dec 23rd 2013 at 4:59:51 PM •••

Removed this from the 'Harsher in Hindsight' entry when I realized the original poster had confused it with Megamind.

Also, in "The Man Who Killed Batman", Joker says, "I had so many evil plans in the works...the illiteracy beam...typhoon cheese...battles we will now never have..." Later, in the Arkham City prequel comic, the Joker, on hearing that he has six months to live thanks to the Titan disease (the aftereffects of his injecting the Titan serum into his body), thinks the same thing, including his feared battles he and Batman will never have again. His fears become true six months later in the game, when he dies of Titan poisoning at the very end of the game. Also, Harley bursts into tears weeping for her fallen husband, in the same weeping sound that she had made for Batman during his supposed funeral.

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