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Mar 5th 2013 at 1:17:11 PM •••

What trope is this an example of? Dead Little Sister is gone.

  • Several. Papa-san's Dead Wife and Dead Little Daughter which led to an ill-fated Roaring Rampage of Revenge that cost him an eye and the lives of many of his men, and also caused Ryujin to become obsessed with his new surrogate little sister Mika. Sid's Dead Little Brother Jim who perished in Iraq while Sid survived is just one of many sources of trauma that Sid drowns in alcohol. Recently it's been revealed that Taro really had a twin sister Tara who died in mysterious circumstances. His mother was so broken up by her death that Taro suppressed his feminine side and threw himself into more masculine interests like football in order to make her happy. It's also why he acted like a playboy in the past despite not really being attracted to women.
    • The circumstances got a bit less mysterious, as it was revealed that Bengal, Taro and Tara's grandfather, murdered her in order to keep something important to Bengal a secret.

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