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Oct 11th 2018 at 8:08:25 AM •••

Wow, sucks that the Characters page for this bootleg translation was deleted. After all that hard work of trying to look for more hilarious stuff in there, now All For Nothing. This is no different from when someone f***ed up The Ugly Barnacle\'s page a year ago.

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Oct 11th 2018 at 10:43:00 AM •••

You must remember that the wish power is with you.

- Quirderph, creator of the Backstroke of the West Character page.

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Oct 11th 2018 at 12:39:58 PM •••

Using the Wayback Machine, I\'ve found links to earlier, mostly complete versions of the subpages (from April 6 2018.)

Oct 11th 2018 at 12:44:56 PM •••

Did you ask a mod to restore it? They can do that, you know.

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