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Aug 8th 2013 at 9:02:56 PM •••

What do the Trees signify? The trees next to the Rule in Synapse are barren when seen in Tomoki's dream, but fully leafed when Synapse is seen outside the dream.

Also, the tree that has been growing by the 400 year old cherry tree was originally planted when Nymph came from Synapse (in the anime at least). Why?

Also also, Sohara's Angel/Angeloid connection seems to have been referred to obliquely in this context. In the episode "chains of no escape" there is this long, pointless discussion between Sugata, Sohara and Mikako about where to get their Christmas tree. Mikako says they have to get "a big one". Immediately there is a one second cut to Sohara's chest.

Goddammit, this shit means something and it's been really bugging me.

Aug 8th 2013 at 8:50:47 PM •••

Watermelons resemble eggs to Ikaros. This is why she is so maternal about them. Angels are hatched from eggs, and Angeloids are used to protect them or possibly brood on them.

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