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Mar 14th 2016 at 3:54:21 PM •••

Needs more tropes!

Here is a list of what I deem necessary to add:

Broken Base: Now that classes have to be bought with real currency (Credits) instead of the the in-game free currency (Cubits), many people have been divided.

Hell is that Noise: Hear a rumbling sound? That's the Shadow Giants coming to destroy you. More tan 7 people with you on your journey? Have fun.

An Ice Guy: Ice sage.

Patchwork Map: Seeing the Desert Frontier, Fae Wilds, and Permafrost right next to each other due to procedural generation screams this.

Shoutout: The sheer amount of them requires a subpage. Hats, Weapons, Faces, Dungeons, etc., have tons of shout outs to games and pop culture. For example, Minora's Mask is obviously modeled after Majora's Mask (Don't know how to put links in HTML), the Uberman Gunslinger costume is named after Superman (Captain Estraz galore there), Giga Blaster is Megaman's Megabuster, the Heaven-Piercing Gaze face is obviously Kamina Glasses, the list goes on. We may need to seperate these into Face, Hat, Weapon, Costume, Dance animation(yes, they are real dances), and probably others.

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