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Jan 8th 2016 at 4:01:12 AM •••

I removed this pending discussion:

  • Infinity +1 Sword: Many. As the game gets updated with new content the power creep would demote them to Infinity Minus One Swords. Weapons that aren't the current endgame gear will be italicized.
    • Melee:
      • Night's Edge: It's made by merging the Blade of Grass, Fiery Greatsword, Muramasa, and the Light's Bane, four of the strongest swords that can be crafted/found without meteor ore. Essentially the best sword you can get pre-hardmode. Now relegated to Infinity -1 Sword status in light of the True Night's Edge, which hits harder and shoots a spinning silhouette of the sword when swung.
      • Excalibur: A hardmode weapon crafted from Hallow Bars obtained from defeating the hardmode bosses. Was previously the most powerful sword before the 1.2 update. Also treated as a Infinity -1 Sword in 1.2 in relation to the True Excalibur that does more damage and shoots sword beams.
      • Terra Blade: Made by combining the True Night's Edge and the True Excalibur, making it more like an Infinity+2 Sword, it is more powerful than both of them and its sword beam can penetrate up to 3 targets. The 1.2.3 update jacked up its base damage by an extra 10% and made the sword beams shoot more frequently. 1.2.4 gives it autoswing, making it even more convenient to use.
      • Death Sickle: A rare drop from Reapers during a solar eclipse. While less powerful than the Terra Blade, it has the invaluable ability to churn out a phantom scythe with each swing that passes through walls and pierces enemies and lingers around for a while before dissipating, damaging any enemy that touches it. Needless to say, it is quite effective at slaying The Destroyer. The sheer power of its scythe beams makes it a worthy rival weapon to the Terra Blade.
      • Bananarang: Essentially the same as the Light Discs, less the ricochet and light, but you can spam up to ten of them at twice the rate of the Light Discs.
      • Possessed Hatchet: A thrown returning weapon with high damage and the ability to home in on nearby enemies.
      • Paladin's Hammer: A rare drop from the Paladin dungeon enemy. Unlike the Possessed Hatchet, the Paladin's Hammer doesn't stop after hitting one enemy and can clear entire rows of mooks with ease, though it lacks the homing capability of the former.
      • Scourge of the Corruptor: A melee weapon that shoots projectiles that split into multiple seeking projectiles capable of swarming many or a single target. It's also auto-swing, so you can run with the fire button held down and spam out death in front of you; if it's been reforged to get a good prefix, not many mooks can take more than one or two hits from it and almost nothing will survive four.
      • Vampire Knives: A ranged melee weapon that fires a spread of several knives that, if it hits, heals the user for 3/40ths of the damage dealt. Combined with the massive defense from melee-focused armors, this weapon makes it possible to solo all the bosses in the game without using any potions or other restorative items.
      • Golem's Fists: An upgraded version of the KO Cannon, dropped by Golem itself. Its Fist lets you Rocket Punch with great power.
      • North Pole: A spear that has a chance of dropping from Ice Queens during the Frost Moon event. It shoots an icy javelin that leaves a tight trail of snowflakes that descend and do massive damage. It is the preferred melee weapon for soloing Moon events, as shooting upwards will create maximum airtime for the javelin to leave as many flakes as possible that end up stacking upon anything unfortunate enough to get caught right under. The latest bosses all fall within seconds of such bombardment.
      • Flairon: Formerly the most highly damaging flail in the game, it has a chance to drop from Duke Fishron. It acts like the KO Cannon and the Golem Fist, with the added property of releasing homing bubbles as long as the flail head is out. These bubbles deal as much damage as the flail itself, meaning that the best way to use the Flairon is to fire it in the opposite direction of your movement, which is what many players do when they fight endgame bosses anyway.
      • Influx Waver: Dropped by the Martian Saucer, this weapon is a direct upgrade to the Terra Blade that fires out stronger Sword Beams per swing. If the Sword Beam hits and there's still an enemy around, the beam teleports and strikes them another two times from different angles.
      • Solar Eruption: Craftable via Solar Fragments, this Whip Sword acts similar to the harpoon, except that it strikes fast, penetrates walls and enemies, deals continuous heavy damage, and sets them on fire. Oh, and it can cause an enemy to spontaneously explode.
      • Star Wrath: Dropped by the Moon Lord, this sword acts like a Starfury on crack, summoning 3 fast meteors that deal extremely heavy damage to enemies in an area.
      • Meowmere: Dropped by the Moon Lord, this sword fires bouncy cats that penetrate enemies and deal great damage. In fact, the Meowmere has the single highest damage out of any melee weapon currently in the game, at an astounding 200 per swing.
      • Terrarian: Dropped by the Moon Lord, this weapon is a yoyo that extends out to your cursor as long as you hold the attack button. Like the Flairon, it constantly spews Homing Projectiles when out. Unlike the Flairon, the homing projectiles bounce off surfaces instead of disappearing, and they do a lot of damage. Especially when combined with the Yoyo Bag...
    • Ranged:
      • Megashark: Pre-1.2 King of dakka, making mince meat of everything from long distances.
      • Tactical Shotgun: Close range weapons that pound hard at enemies that are close and personal.
      • Star Cannon: It does massive amounts of damage and shoots quite fast since its un-nerfing in 1.1, but may count as Awesome, but Impractical because its ammo is useful for other things and takes some serious effort to stockpile.
      • Stynger: Fires bolts that explode into shrapnel, with each individual shrapnel dealing as much damage as the original bolt. Unlike most other explosive weapons, you can't be harmed by your own Stynger explosions, making it safe to use at point-blank range.
      • Candy Corn Rifle: Obtained from the Pumpking during a Pumpkin Moon, this gun acts like the Megashark except for a slightly lower rate of fire and a bigger damage output. Its exclusive ammo, Candy Corn, is affected by gravity, bounces instead of disappearing when it hits a wall, and most importantly, is capable of penetrating through multiple enemies, making it a fantastic crowd-clearing weapon.
      • Piranha Gun: A unique and powerful gun that launches a robot piranha to bite at your enemies. This piranha projectile can chew rapidly through large crowds of monsters with ease, and makes it easy to focus on avoiding boss attacks while delivering a steady, continuous offensive on them.
      • Venus Magnum: The strongest of the non-automatic guns that can be acquired from Plantera, this powerful revolver's fearsome base damage and fast firing action means your DPS is only limited by your ability to click fast enough.
      • Pulse Bow: A powerful post-Plantera weapon sometimes sold by the Travelling Merchant NPC, this auto-firing bow turns your arrows into high-velocity bolts of power that are unaffected by gravity and can pierce or ricochet five times.
      • Chain Gun: Dropped by Santa-NK1, it was pre-1.3 King of Dakka, surpassing both its predecessor and its successor in terms of speed, with a use time of 4. For reference, that means it fires 900 times per minute by default.
      • Elf Melter: Also acquired from the Santa-NK1, this is the strongest flamethrower, and it is fuelled by the extremely common Gel that can be harvested from Slimes and Gastropods. Flat out annihilates segmented/multipart bosses like the Destroyer and Skeletron.
      • Snowman Cannon: Dropped by the Ice Queen. A huge upgrade over the Rocket Launcher, this gun fires rockets (shaped like miniature snowmen) that home in on the nearest enemy. It has a considerably faster rate of fire than both the Grenade Launcher and the Rocket Launcher, and its explosions do not harm the user, making it a much better tool for blowing up terrain than the Rocket Launcher.
      • Tsunami: While lacking the piercing of the Pulse Bow, this mighty bow acquired from Duke Fishron fires five arrows per shot, while only consuming single arrows from your ammo reserves.
      • Phantasm: A bow that fires four arrows per shot, but when it hits a target it summons a swarm of phantom arrows that go through walls and deal DPS well into the thousands. And considering that its speed is very fast, it can become...hectic. Aside from this, is also has a 66% chance of not consuming ammo.
      • S.D.M.G.: A powerful Dolphin-shaped machine gun that surpasses the Megashark and Chaingun. Dropped by the Moon Lord, it has a massive 50% chance not to consume ammo with each shot fired and a naturally high 14% base chance to inflict critical hits, in addition to its use time of 5 (for reference, that means it fires 720 times per minute) and its damage-per-shot of 77.
    • Magic:
      • Rainbow Gun: A fabulous, powerful weapon that requires the Hallowed Key so that you can unlock its chest. The real strength of this weapon is that the arcing rainbow beam it fires will persist for a good while, doing constant damage to anything hostile touching it.
      • Heat Ray: A Golem drop, this weapon simply fires a beam of fiery death. What makes it a fantastic endgame weapon is its ability to pierce through all enemies in its path (a property shared with the Shadowbeam Staff, except that it doesn't lose power as it racks up hits) and its fast rate of fire.
      • Magnet Sphere: This magical weapon shoots out a slowly travelling orb that zaps any nearby enemies rapidly. Is capable of stun locking pretty much every non-boss enemy.
      • Shadowbeam Staff: Shoots ricocheting energy beams that can pass through multiple enemies multiple times and can be used to quickly light cavern spaces from a safe distance. It has a high rate of fire and an absurdly low mana cost given its effectiveness.
      • Bat Scepter: Dropped by Pumpking, this is what you'd get if you crossed the Crystal Storm with the Wasp Gun. Huge damage, low mana cost, a high rate of fire, and homing capability makes this a very effective single-target weapon against agile enemies.
      • Nettle Burst: The hardmode upgrade for Vilethorn, dropped by Plantera. Sporting continuous damage and excellent knockback with the lingering thornbursts, it is all too easy to Stun Lock enemies vunerable to knockback or having their attack scripts reset when hit by this weapon.
      • Nimbus Rod: Creates up to two clouds that drop damaging rain, dealing constant damage to any enemy underneath it. They last up to a minute before expiring, meaning mana cost is mostly a non-issue.
      • Razorpine: A magic weapon from Everscream, this shoots high damage pines affected by gravity but at a rate faster than that of the Megashark. Surpasses the Leaf Blower and the Crystal Storm.
      • Blizzard Staff: A staff dropped by the Ice Queen that creates a storm of icicle shards from the top edge of the screen, and rips through anything that isn't protected by a physical barrier within the screen or very fast in the air.
      • Razorblade Typhoon: A fearsome tome dropped by Duke Fishron, this spellbook unleashes devastating wheel-shaped projectiles that not only home in on enemies, but also pierces and ricochets for three seconds.
      • Bubble Gun: A mana-consuming gunlike weapon dropped by Duke Fishron, this powerful Flamethrower-esque weapon fires a rapid stream of short-ranged but deadly bubble projectiles.
      • Nebula Blaze: A weapon obtained by combining Nebula Fragments, this weapon lets you fire quick bolts of energy from your hand in rapid succession. It has a little spread, but the powerful homing capabilities offset this. Additionally, there's a 20% chance to fire a stronger blue bolt, which travels faster and deals triple damage. God help anyone who is hit by a critical blue bolt.
      • Lunar Flare: A tome dropped by the Moon Lord, it rains down Lunar Flares in a similar manner and rate to the Blizzard Staff. However, it deals much more damage than the Blizzard Staff, and it can also penetrate blocks to reliably hit the area where your mouse cursor is at.
      • Last Prism: Another drop from the Moon Lord, this weapon slowly combines multiple colorful beams into a giant rainbow beam of destruction, which can easily reach into the tens of thousands of damage per second.
    • Summoning:
      • Tempest Staff: Yet another powerful weapon from Duke Fishron, this is the absolute strongest Summoner's staff in version It calls forth small tornados that can both attack in melee as well as fire off streams of shark missiles that will splatter spectacularly.
      • Stardust Dragon Staff: Obtained by combining Stardust Fragments, it creates a dragon that quickly hunts down enemies and tears them to shreds. Unlike other staves, consecutive usage of the Stardust Dragon Staff makes the dragon stronger, rather than making new ones.
    • Tools:
      • Reaver Shark (Pre-Hardmode): This Pickaxe can be rarely obtained via fishing at the Ocean, and it's just as strong as the Molten Pickaxe but faster.
      • Drax: A powerful drill that is only surpassed by the Picksaw. The Pickaxe Axe is the pick version, but with identical performance. Used to be called the Hamdrax and could also act as a hammer before the 1.2 update.
      • Chlorophyte Drill: An alternative to the Drax. It gives a small bonus to your working range in addition to being as effective a tool as the Drax itself.
      • Picksaw: A very fast pickaxe/axe that is capable of mining all blocks including Lihzahrd bricks.
      • Laser Drill: Dropped by the Alien Saucer, this Pickaxe/Axe is capable of mining all blocks including Lihzahrd bricks, even faster mining/cutting speed than the Picksaw, and has incredible range for a mining tool.
      • The Axe: Currently the most powerful axe/hammer, it is also a surprisingly effective sword-like weapon, having high damage and autoswing capability.
      • Chlorophyte Warhammer: While a more mundane tool it has a very high damage rating making it one of the most powerful tool items when used as a weapon.
      • Spectre Hamaxe: +3 increased working range, and busts background walls as fast as the Drax breaks blocks, faster than the Chlorophyte Jackhammer. It is very useful when combined with the Ivy Whip to work on large rooms.
      • Shroomite Digging Claw: The Shroomite counterpart to all the endgame Drill/Pick options, it provides the fastest Pickaxe action in the game, only sacrificing working reach for that absolutely peerless digging speed. It also has pretty decent melee weapon strength, so it can function as an Emergency Weapon in a pinch when you're mining.
      • Luminite Hamaxes: The single mightiest hammer/axe combos that a player can forge, these include the Solar, Stardust, Vortex, and Nebula Hamaxes. They'll smash anything, including Demon/Crimson Altars, and they'll do it near instantly. The one drawback is that by the time you have access to these, there won't be much reason to use them- you can only craft them after beating the final boss, after all.
      • Luminite Pickaxes: Faster than the Picksaw, with even more mining power and +4 range on most pickaxes, these include the Solar, Stardust, Nebula, and Vortex variants. They'll mine anything, and they'll do it blindingly fast. As with the Hamaxes above, the one drawback is that by the time you have access to these, there won't be much reason to use them- they're crafted from the same stuff, after all, and that stuff only drops from the Moon Lord.
      • Drill Containment Unit: Made out of an absurd amount of metal bars (including bars that drop only from the final boss,) this item summons the ultimate mining tool: a drill mount that mines any and all blocks extremely quickly.

Infinity +1 Sword is supposed to be THE BEST weapon or item of its type in the game. You can't have multiples, and frankly at this point some of these don't even qualify as Infinity -1 Sword anymore.

For example, the Night's Edge is no longer even the best pre-Hardmode sword - that's either the Enchanted Sword or the Arkhalis. The Excalibur is no longer a badass weapon, just a minor stepping stone on the path to the Terra Blade. Speaking of which, by the time you're capable of getting the Terra Blade you're also very close to getting the Seedler, so Terra Blade is not even really worth having either.

See what I mean?

From what I can tell we basically started the listing back in pre-release and no one ever bothered removing the obsolete entries. We need to do that.

My suggestion is, cut ALL pre-Hardmode items. Infinity+1 means the best IN THE GAME, not the best in the first third of the game. Also, one or two per category - Drill Containment Unit is clearly the best tool, and then have only the Moon Lord dropped weapons for the others. Other items like Solar Eruption can be moved to Infinity-1.

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Sep 12th 2015 at 1:32:38 AM •••

Yeah, we are in the process of getting rid of Main/-to-work redirects.

Sep 12th 2015 at 6:24:10 PM •••

But I have a worse problem: [[Analysis/Terraria]]. It's way too outdated.

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Sep 13th 2015 at 2:27:54 AM •••

Well, you are allowed to rewrite it...

Sep 13th 2015 at 11:30:18 AM •••

I don't have time for that. And I have a lack of ideas. Might as well be cut.

Jul 1st 2015 at 2:19:53 PM •••

Seeing how Terraria's final boss is now here, would it make sense to pare down the list of Infinity Plus One Swords to pre-Hard Mode and late Hard Mode weapons (as in, Frost Moon/Invasion/Moon Lord weapons)? Or if not, should the section also provide some extra context for when each item was considered to be the game's Infinity Plus One Sword?

Edited by Snopelol
Mar 14th 2015 at 8:25:31 AM •••

I accidentally removed something from the main page, more accurately this line:

  • The final tier of weapons and armor, which can only be crafted with components dropped only by the final bosses.
I did that because it was outdated. There is no final boss, and the final tier doesn't really exist. This was going to be put in the edit reason but I accidentally pressed the enter button too quickly.

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Mar 15th 2015 at 3:07:25 AM •••

If it happens again you can always hit the edit button again to add the reason with out editing anything else.

Oct 9th 2013 at 7:06:23 PM •••

None of the mentioned examples are bonus dungeons or extra levels so much as they are already part of the game and the difficulty of their enemies is balanced out based on gear progression. Going into hardmode introduces a slew of stronger enemies.

The dungeon itself MIGHT qualify as it is the only area you don't have to go into, to access the rest of the game progression wise, and can't be accessed until you defeat Skeletron.

  • Bonus Dungeon:
    • Either the Underground Jungle or the actual Dungeon could qualify for this, the latter because, well, it's a dungeon, and the former because the monsters there are so much more powerful than anywhere else in the game. However, once Hard Mode kicks in, pretty much the entire world becomes this. Including aboveground.
    • This gets reversed in Hardmode. The Dungeon and the Underworld are the only places that don't get new enemies, meaning they become the safest places to be on a Hardmode map.
      • Double Subverted in 1.2, In hardmode, The Jungle becomes one of the hardest places to survive, and god help you if you accidentally break the Pink Bulb that summons the new boss, Plantera. Triple Subverted with the Solar Eclipse, which makes the above ground swarming with high end monsters with Hp ranging from 250 to 1000.
      • In 1.2, the Dungeon also gets new mobs such as the Boss in Mook Clothing Paladin among other harder and annoying mobs, making it an almost literal Bonus Dungeon.
      • The only new thing in the 1.2 hardmode Underworld is the Boss in Mook Clothing Red Devil.

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Oct 8th 2013 at 5:38:39 PM •••

In the latest version of terraria the snow biomes now spawn naturally as part of world gen instead of just on christmas. It is unknown if anything else has changed in regards to christmas events as previously listed. Any additional info would be appreciated.

  • Christmas Mode:
    • During the holidays, the snow biome will generate in all new maps (normally 1/3 chance) and all monsters have a chance to drop presents. When the presents are opened in the player's inventory, they give the player candy cane themed building material. If on a hard mode map there is a chance of the presents dropping a snow globe.
    • If you use the snow globe, you call forth the snowman army, an EXTREMELY hard wave of living snowmen who wield Tommy guns and break down your house. Very difficult to beat, but if you do so you get Santa Claus as an NPC!

Oct 1st 2013 at 8:30:03 PM •••

The page is in need of both updating and general maintenance. Feel free to pitch in or change things on your own.


I haven't looked since I last played but is this still true?

Wouldn't this entry fit better under Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?? Badass Santa can probably go back as is.

  • Badass: The player character, considering she or he can put freakin ELDRITCH ABOMINATIONS on farm status.
    • Badass Santa: The Christmas event occurs yearly and allows the player to buy a Santa suit for about 45 gold.

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Jun 3rd 2013 at 10:22:23 PM •••

Does anyone else think that the main page should have a new picture. The picture is pretty dated as it was pre-release footage. The Terraria logo and font could be atleast a better choice.

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Jun 25th 2014 at 12:46:48 PM •••

I think the logo on it's own may fail to convey the atmosphere of the game. A new image is needed, though.

Dec 4th 2011 at 3:41:23 PM •••

We could use someone sitting down with the Terraria Official wiki as well as testing somethings to update the page.

Jul 3rd 2011 at 4:08:17 PM •••

You know, I may play this instead of Minecraft. For some reason, I like the looks of it more than I like the looks of Minecraft. It looks a bit more...digestible and accessible.

There's something about Minecraft that looks and feels a overwhelming somehow, even though It's great the freedom it gives to the players. Maybe I just don't have the imagination for it or something. Maybe I like 2D more.

Who else is gonna choose this over Minecraft?

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Jul 3rd 2011 at 4:13:55 PM •••

Why pick one? They're both very cheap for the amount of content by today;s standard. Pick one, play it, and buy/trial the other when you have the spare change.

Jul 3rd 2011 at 6:43:21 PM •••

I have both. I like terraria more. Not only is it more fun, inventive, action oriented, the creators quite very active with their is very stable.

I can't say the same for minecraft outside of the modding community on inventive. The fun wears off quickly unless your on a server and the game has so many stability and bug issues it is not even funny.

Jul 3rd 2011 at 6:50:48 PM •••

I DO have 30 dollars, so I may get both.

I hate that Terraria is on Steam. I ALWAYS have trouble using steam on my computer.

Jul 3rd 2011 at 7:20:08 PM •••

Steam is pretty much the only downside to Terraria.

May 12th 2013 at 7:45:23 AM •••

I play both, and I must say I can't decide which is better. They both have different play experiences that I enjoy.

Jul 1st 2011 at 3:27:52 PM •••

Folks please check the YMMV page before adding entries like God Damn Bats or other YMMV based tropes.

This is about 5th time a YMMV entry has had to be moved off of the main page of the work.

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Oct 1st 2013 at 8:08:59 PM •••

Because it is based on opinions and reactions of various individuals.

More importantly it is part of the YMMV tropes list.

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