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Mar 15th 2013 at 10:41:58 PM •••

Sequence Breaking or Take a Third Option - at various points during the game, what you're meant to do is obvious. Tackling an early boss next to a really big incinerator or when you're pretty much told outright to survive for seven minutes have other options... generally explosive ones. You can save a lot of time with liberal use of the rocket launcher and doing so in either of those situations gets you a nice piece of Vendor Trash.

Another (lesser) example would be the Majini that evolve further into the worm-head, death-bat or killer-clam variants. The transformation doesn't occur if the player shoots the pre-transformation Majini in the leg, dropping the enemy to its knees, before going up behind it and melee attacking it. This effectively removes the threat of what could otherwise become a mini-boss.

An inversion occurs in the ruins. The fast path is obvious - run for the exit. However, stick around and fight the Popokarimu and you will be rewarded with treasure, much like the other Sequence Breaking segments.

Basically, these aren't glitches or working in ways that the development team didn't anticipate (quite the opposite - the neck breaker/neck slice is pretty useless if it didn't stop Majini evolving and the way you are rewarded for the other examples suggests that The Dev Team Thinks of Everything) but they're off-the-beaten-track solutions to parts of levels with a hint of Guide Dang It!. So, Sequence Breaking?

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