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Apr 17th 2013 at 2:33:09 PM •••

Under the 'Lost Forever' trope example the following is used as an example of this:

"When you switch to disk 2 ANYTHING you haven't done on disk 1 is gone. If you missed a stunt jump or forgot a side mission you'll have to restart unless you're fine with waiting until your next playthrough to get them."

This is patently false, as you can switch between Disks 1 and 2 after the initial swap on Xbox 360. The pilot of that giant blimp you fly into Subway Town on is in the base with the rest of the Resistance and offers to take you back to Wellspring where you can subsequently leave to explore the Wasteland and tie up any loose ends you may have left neglected. You can then return to Disc 2 by going to the basement of the bar in Wellspring.

I'd personally delete this myself, but I'm getting some stupid error when I try to edit the page.

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