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Jan 14th 2017 at 8:36:42 PM •••

Profanity used in Police Quest 1, 2, 3, 4 Open Season Discussion.

To the TV tropes users,

As you know I've played Police Quest series and one of the things I've noticed is the use of profanity slipping past the PC censorship, the days before the ESRB rating was formed in 1994.

For example Police Quest 1 both the ega and vga remake both used the word "crap"

Also Police Quest 1 vga remake not only used the word "Crap", but also used the word "Damn", "Hell", "Ass" and "Bastard" also used in Police Quest 3. And also symbol swearing.

Police Quest 2 used the word "Jackass"

Police Quest 4 Open Season used alot of uncensored profanity ranging from "Damn", "Hell", "Crap", "Ass", "Goddamn" to using stronger words like "Bitch" and the use of 4 letter S words and even F words used by a character named Dennis Walker in his apartment.

Please tell how the former Sierra company allowed for strong profanity in the Police Quest series. Because that surprised me because most of their older PC games I played didn't swear that much.

I want to contribute to Police Quest TV tropes but be able to post it respectfully. Please help me out and let me know if I'm contributing the right way.

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Jan 15th 2017 at 9:28:36 AM •••

I don't think there was ever a Sierra-wide issue with profanity. Gabriel Knight dialogue had swears it in it sometimes, Leisure Suit Larry pretty much ran on inappropriateness in general, and Phantasmagoria was pretty edgy, so I'm unsurprised that Police Quest had profanity as well since it was marketed as being a more "realistic" and "mature" title.

It was more stuff like King's Quest was "clean" because that was intended as a family-friendly title, or Space Quest used euphemisms because Rule of Funny.

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