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Mar 6th 2016 at 9:08:20 PM •••

The game feels kind of like a reskin of Xcom then an expansion of the game in a long war esqe manner.

All in all its pretty awesome, though I would have prefered if there wasn't an all female brigade, where do all the recruits come from?

If you ask me it would have been pretty cool to see bravery be replaced with radiation, which over the course of a battlescape mission would decrease steadily unless a food item was eaten/drunk. Corpses and booze can be created for this purpose I imagine to keep up with Ubers being unable sustain themselves outside of radioactive zones for prolonged periods of time without constant radiation intake.

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Jul 14th 2016 at 11:08:11 PM •••

Dioxine, the creator, has nothing against male pirates, but he stated that making all the graphics is beyond his abilities due to how much time it would take.

Radiation is indeed necessary for ubers to survive, but a battle takes, what, 10 minutes? No need to replenish hellerium every 2 minutes, or everyone would be on IVF. And morale is still important.

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