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Feb 1st 2017 at 7:13:02 AM •••

I'm not really sure what Tropes these should be explained as (or even which page they belong to), and I'm not very confident in my English, so I'll just leave some fun facts here. Hope someone will nicely add them...

- Queen Frieda is called "Princess Frieda" in Japanese version. Also, Dosey is called "Nemuri" (a Japanese word for "sleep") there.

- There are several Japan-only things around this game... The original game is free in Japan (because they don't have to pay for translation). The Developer has published The Developer's Journal (no official English name is given as far as I know) about his challenges, failures and "what could have been" things in the development of this game. And Tabletop RPG rule-books based on this game are published.

- Force Knight is called "理騎士" ("rikishi") in Japanese version and immediately got nicknamed "力士" (sumo wrestler, and it reads "rikishi" too) by fans. Ring-out techniques are common in sumo, and a tactic for Force Knights involves shoving the Demon Lord into the Darkness... Then Mystery Chronicle has Sumo Wrestler as a class.

- Force Knight's gameplay concept is based on Jedi Knights from Star Wars, with a lightsaber (Sword of Light), force powers (Telekinesis), and swordsmanship (All-Seeing Eye). ((note: I don't know much about Star Wars, so this entry probably needs a better writing.))

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Dec 29th 2015 at 12:27:09 PM •••

Can't find the most relevant trope for this. Unfortunate Implications here but I feel it's more objective than that.

Party members can have modifiers. There's no check as to whether a modifier is appropriate for a particular party member. This can result in some, erm, problematic, pairings, most famously "Masochist Young Girl Mila". Ew.

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Dec 30th 2015 at 2:40:25 AM •••

Not sure if that's a trope, it requires player action.

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