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Sep 18th 2016 at 1:36:10 PM •••

Bards: I question their appearance under "useless useful spell". In fact, if you'll look at low-level challenges against the Iron Giant on youtube, you will see that the bard is actually an indispensable class for a couple reasons, at least in the DS/Android/IOS version.

1) Lamia song breaks the damage cap and always damages all enemies on screen for 20% of their HP, even above the 9999 listed. That makes it very useful against superbosses.

2) Maedhura casts protect on the entire party *and this stacks with turtle shell or the white mage Protect*. That can render a heavily armored class all but invulnerable to anything but the most powerful physical attacks.

3) Apollo casts shell on the entire party. Although I have not tested this, I wouldn't be surprised if it followed the pattern of Maedhura and stacked with light curtains/white mage reflect.

4) Against ordinary enemies, a high level bard can heal the entire party for 1000+ HP per turn.

So a bard, properly built up, is an invaluable support character and is especially valuable for fighting superbosses.

I propose simply deleting it's addition under "Useless useful spell", since this is a Tropes article, not a walkthrough.

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