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Oct 18th 2013 at 5:09:20 PM •••

Pulled from main (with spoilertag removed for convenience):

  • All Just a Dream: You finally rescue Eurydice and make it back to the screen where you started...and you're still standing there, staring at the grave. Then, both Orpheus and Eurydice evaporate.

...for two reasons. First, there's a convention that you do not hide trope names under spoiler tags on work pages. Second, All Just a Dream is a specific subtrope of Reset Button that doesn't seem to apply to this game, and the game already appears on Reset Button Ending.

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Jun 28th 2014 at 6:48:54 AM •••

Also pulled (entire line was spoilertagged; tag removed for convenience):

  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: The entire game turns out to be all in Orpheus's head as revealed when "you" and Eurydice return to the start.

...also for no-spoilered-trope-name reasons, although it might be good to add the game to the trope page. Thoughts?

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