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May 4th 2021 at 8:25:19 AM •••

Removed from main page, as there is a cleanup effort on one of the pages linked here underway and I am not sure what to do with this entry:

  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: After escpaing Frankensteins's castle, the group wanders through udnerground tunnels and the ruins of Atlantis, with just one exit: past an angry dragon. It's the only dragon in the game and no hint of it comming up at all.

Nov 22nd 2018 at 2:23:21 PM •••

What exact trope do the appearances of Captain Picard, Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill fulfill?

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Jul 9th 2019 at 12:08:01 PM •••

Now that I think about it, the game has a lot of cameos. I don't know why I chose those 3 specifically.

Edited by Piscesdan
Jul 10th 2019 at 5:39:53 AM •••

Does that one count if their names are used and they look like them? (as much as the art style allows)

Also, two questions regarding formatting: 1.) Should I simply list the cameos, due to the large number of them? 2.) Do they count as spoilers? Several are important to the plot.

Edited by Piscesdan
Aug 7th 2019 at 3:03:32 AM •••

Hmm, if in doubt, I would simply put them there as 'norma' Cameos.

Regarding your questions: 1)I think listing should be fine, though maybe separated by the areas where they are encountered? Otherwise, it might get a very long list. 2) I would normally say, that they aren't spoilers unless there is really a big surprise reveal about that character (like maybe Kaspar Hauser).

Jan 7th 2016 at 4:47:02 AM •••

So, is there a version of this game translated to another language? I would like to play it, but I don't speak German

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Sep 23rd 2018 at 1:05:50 PM •••

I don't think so. Sadly there's only the German version so far.

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