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Mar 17th 2014 at 10:23:33 PM •••

In the "Jeopardy 2n edition" CD Rom one clip has Alex mention that after one guest-hosting stint of Wheelof Fortune in 1984, Merv Griffin mentioned he was thinking of reviving Jeopardy, so would Alex be interested? Needless to say, the rest was history.

Also, Alex has had a few Ink-Suit Actor moments playing off his Jeopardy persona: "Alan Quebec" in Rugrats ("Game Show Didi," which also guest-starred Charles Nelson Reilly, who would also guest with Trebek on The X Files episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"), "Riddle Quest" host Alex Lebec in "Arthur," and the MC/announcer of a show-and-tell game show in the "Shows and Tells" episode of The Magic School Bus.

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