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Feb 20th 2017 at 3:38:34 PM •••

So I want to try an urban fantasy story, but I'm still working out what happens. One idea is that each character has a weapon of choice, though the concept is leaning more towards an RPG angle. Still, what kinds of weapons would one find in an Urban Fantasy, other than spell books and wands and guns?

Feb 14th 2014 at 2:03:38 AM •••

I took the liberty of removing / amending this:

  • Also, it doesn't have to be a city at all. Cities are overrepresented in Urban Fantasy, so how about something other? A small sleepy town with surrounding wilderness and villages can be anything from Ghibli Hills to a surviving modern enclave of Überwald. Roads and highways, with big rigs, bikers and hitchhikers, are another underutilized setting, especially if they are for some reason lawless. Or you can stick with a city, but ditch the peaceful, cosmopolitan, globalized aspect with Mc Donalds and Internet, and put your city into the aftermath of a war, global crisis or a similar event.

Because it seems misleading, if not actually incorrect. There's some good points with regards to the roads and the highways and (with qualifications) the Ghibli Hills, but the reason "cities are overrepresented in Urban Fantasy" is because... well, just look at the name, for heaven's sake. "Urban" suggests a large concentration of people in one place — a city, or a fairly large town, in other words. The whole point of Urban Fantasy is to take the common tropes and elements of fantasy fiction — which normally takes place in heavily rural environments and a pre-urban setting — and transplant them to an urban environment. If you're taking away the urban environment, you're removing what makes it Urban Fantasy in the first place.

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