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May 12th 2012 at 11:32:20 AM •••

Funny how you can get the wrong end of the stick after watching a couple of episodes.... "Jaime" was so clearly a bloke in drag who could never have passed as female in a million years. Everyone on this series was bending over backwards to be reasonable and decent and politically correct to each other as they could be (confounding my expectations about Australia, which I suppose come from a different era - Paul Hogan and the Python Bruces Sketch). So I sassumed the political correctness extended to being welcoming and supportive to a teenage trans-sexual, an ugly girl trapped in a male body who was living a girl'd life prior to the op..... now I see "Jamie" wasn't meant to be that at all, and despite being a bloke in drag we were mant to treat her as a real girl, however obnoxious.

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