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Nov 10th 2018 at 5:05:15 PM •••

Apparently, this example was cut because it doesn\'t seem to fit the description of GCPR. But I heavily dispute that fact on the basis that Sacred First Kiss in Japan is serious business as described here:

This is mostly because, unlike most Western countries, where kissing is between moderately special and outright mundane, kissing is seen as an extraordinarily intimate act in Japan, almost comparable in intimacy to sex in the West.

We know from the XY interview that Serena was meant to be kissing Ash, but they couldn\'t show the kiss because of TV censors. That\'s why they went with the feet popping. The criteria for GCPR is as follows:

  • There must be a Radar: It must be in a medium and format where Media Watchdogs exist and actively censor content. Self-censorship does not count.
  • There must be Crap: It must be something that a reasonable person would expect to be censored by said Media Watchdogs. Parental Bonus and Homoerotic Subtext do not count.
  • The Crap must get past the Radar: The inclusion of the content must be intentional, and the creators of the work must be aware that it ought to be censored. There should be a deliberate effort to slip it past the Media Watchdogs. Accidental Innuendo does not count. If the works actually lampshade the material in media itself then it also does not count.

Considering that kissing is Serious Business in Japan, almost the same as sex in the West, it makes sense for the Media Watchdogs in Japan to censor kissing between Ash and Serena, especially considering they are not really teenagers unlike many examples on Sacred First Kiss page. The interview with Yajima and the producers of XY confirm such censors exists and they were really pushing the series to the edge:

Yajima (Director): In the middle of production, I added in a scene intended to show them kissing. It\'s just that I wasn\'t allowed to have them kissing on screen, so I had Serena\'s feet \"floating\" to show it instead.

Producer: Kids are the main target audience, after all, so among the things we can\'t do, this series is definitely on the edge.

It\'s one of the few times that Getting Crap Past The Radar is outright confirmed by the creators\' part and not something that the viewers have to judge for themselves. I think it\'s worth mentioning.

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