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Feb 22nd 2013 at 2:44:11 AM •••

Removed a lot of examples I considered to be personally unfitting:

  • Some Pokemon have...interesting details on their bodies. Kadabra and Reshiram, for example, have a little extra something down there, if you look closely enough.

Oh look, these Pokemon have some elongated between their legs. It clearly must be a PENIS!

  • Gardevoir, Jynx, Gothorita and Froslass can all learn Flash. Think about it.
    • There's an Awkward Zombie comic that plays off this.
    • Smoochum, Ralts, Kirlia, and Gothita can use the move as well. They're based off little girls...
    • In fact, in Black and White, a man jumps out at you from behind a back-alley dumpster to give you the Flash TM. Uh...
      • Which also happens in Black 2 and White 2, though it's a different NPC.
    • Jynx's pokedex entry mentions that it seductively wiggles its hips as it walks and apparently causes others to unconsciously do the same thing. Yes, the word "seductively" is actually used.
      • Speaking of 'seductively', in the anime, the voice Jynx has in the old episode 'Holiday Hi-Jynx' is...interesting.

Clearly when the Japanese game-makers designed the move Flash, they knew about the sexual implications the word had in English. Maybe some of the thread could be reinserted, but I just removed the entire thing to reduce confusion.

  • Honchkrow (nicknamed "Pimpkrow" by the fans) has some obvious Mafia don/pimp basis, especially its pink shiny form. Even its behavior hints at this, with it lording it over underlings (who are partially based on witches) and taking the lion's share of what they have.

How is making a mob-themed Pokemon getting past the radar? Team Rocket from the very first video game was a clear mob/Yakuza group.

  • The shape of Magmar's forehead didn't go unnoticed. And its Japanese name is "Boober"

Yet another case of pointing out that some part of a Pokemon's anatomy looks slightly suggestive. Given Magmar's bill-like mouth, it's more likely it was named after the booby bird. Furthermore, according to Jim Breen's Japanese dictionary, the word "boobi" in Japanese actually refers to a "booby prize." Personally, I think the head looks more like a butt, but I'm not posting about it in the article.

  • There's a Show Within a Show, "Kokkan Talk", in Black and White that teaches viewers Japanese words. One installment ends in the male host yelling "shimatta!" at the top of his lungs, in response to finding out that a girl he was hitting on was his co-host. This translates, roughly, to "Shit!". Yeah. Bear in mind, though, that the Japanese do not have the concept of profanity. It just doesn't exist. Equating "shimatta" to "shit" is simply a Translation Convention. It would be as profane as an English-speaker saying "oh, no!".

The very entry itself points out it isn't getting anything pass the radar.

Because Pokemon was made in Britain, right? And would there be any reasonable explanation for why the creators would want the character to be displaying an obscene gesture purposefully?

Gorebyss isn't a mermaid; it's a fish. The shells are just its fins. Also, this is another gameplay mechanic that can happen to seem just the tiny bit suggestive, even though Gorebyss clearly gets the move from its pre-evolution Clamperl and its shelless counterpart Huntail has the move available too.

  • It's possible for a female Azurill to evolve into a male Marill. This is due to the former having a different gender ratio (1 male to 3 female) than the latter (1 to 1). Thus, the hidden values that determine gender in Azurill may get determined as male in Marill. It's unknown if this is supposed to be on purpose (there are some animals that shift from female to male), or some sort of programming error.

Apparently, someone took that the Marill evolutionary line's gender mechanics are supposed to be a representation of transgenderism. However, there are plenty of hermaphroditic animals in nature, and it's likely it's a programming oversight as stated in the entry. There is absolutely nothing objectionable here.

  • Roxie's concept art has her doing an Eyelid Pull Taunt but if you look at her fingers you can also see she's Flipping the Bird. She's the only one whose concept art had a drastic change from the released version so it's safe to say someone caught onto this.

This is something that clearly DIDN'T get pass the radar. And I doubt it was intentionally meant to be offensive in the first place.

  • In a literal case, it's described that the Berry fertilizer, Mulch, is composed of "high-enriched soil and Pokémon er, well know."

Toilet Humor explicitly doesn't belong on the Radar page.

  • The episode where Ash battles Lt. Surge. Well, after Pikachu's Crowning Moment Of Awesome, it jumps up into Ash's arms and shocks him. Then Ash says, "Wow! Now I can see LOTS of lucky stars!" And they just stay like that, as Pikachu continues to shock him to their mutual enjoyment. How did they manage THAT one?!
  • In the Japanese version of the same episode, Lt. Surge (who already uses a liberal amount of Gratuitous English) throws in "Goddamn!" while Pikachu runs rings around Raichu. Watch for 00:40.

If anything was really stretching it, this is it. And I doubt Goddamn is really considered to be inappropriate for television in Japan.

  • James uses "bloody" a lot in the dub. It seems like a case of Did Not Do the Bloody Research but James fits the "rich Brit" stereotype and his parents have accents so he's obviously aware of the meaning and is using it correctly.
    • His mother has a Southern accent, and his father has a British one. James has a vaguely British one.

It's clearly stated to not be intentional here.

  • In Gone Corphishing, Ash and friends are knocked into the sea, and May spends a portion of that episode with a blanket wrapped around her. Three guesses to what happened to her clothes...
    • Even better, Ash isn't wearing any pants in the same scene. Combine those two and see what it reminds you of.


  • In the Japanese version of the second Johto Journeys episode, "The Double Trouble Header", Brock shows attraction to Casey (OOC since she's ten or so years old). He mentions in eight years she'd be pretty fun.

If this was in the Japanese version, it hardly counts due to different cultural expectations there and yadda yadda.

  • The Japanese version of Misty's Tears in the TCG. Yes, she's naked. (They changed the artwork for the American version.)
  • One of the early Grimer cards has him looking up a girl's skirt. The U.S. print made him look forward instead of up.
  • This Moomoo Milk card was seen as this to some.

These TCG examples, while interesting, clearly didn't get pass the censor.

I guess I can't stop anyone from reinserting these, but really?

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Feb 26th 2013 at 7:17:49 PM •••

More removals

So there was no censor to get over.

I'm pretty sure the Pokemon are just playing, nothing else. I tried to look up what the original Japanese said, but I couldn't actually find reference to the original quote on Bulbapedia.

  • In Episode 052, Princess Vs. Princess, a billboard pops up behind Jessie. It says PMS. Ayup.

I'm pretty sure this is just random letters that didn't get edited out of the US release.

  • Crystal's introduction sees her dropping her skirt in order to take on some Slugma, with Professor Oak getting flustered. We don't see until the next page that she's got bike shorts on underneath.

Nothing inappropriate actually happened, and it's hardly hidden.

This manga was never published America, nor anywhere else in the west. (it was only published in English in Singapore)

  • Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! has oh-so-many examples. For instance, the main character beaning a guy in the junk with a Poké Ball, only to have Piplup emerge in the poor sap's crotch and get stuck. And let's not forget the Galactic grunt with the swollen ass, whose name MEANS ass (sort of, it's a Japanese pun), and whose ass gets abused at every possible turn.
    • There's also a not-so-subtle reference to bras in one omake.

Again, this was never published in the west. There is no censor to get past here.

This is really stretching it.

Oct 17th 2012 at 4:19:13 PM •••

Elesa blows a kiss (a heart?) to both player characters in the credits, so I gave that a minor edit.

Aug 28th 2012 at 12:32:45 PM •••

Some examples I removed, for not seeming to fit the trope. Feel free to debate, of course.

I don't think suicide counts for this trope; it shows up in a lot of stuff. As for Nightmare Fuel, that definitely doesn't count (child-friendly works are famous for it).

  • The Japanese version of Pokémon is quite perverted, actually; a lot of the stuff people say can be seen as sexual harassment.

Very vague; not a specific example. Most things are more perverted in Japan (sorry, Japan), but is it stuff sneaked past the radar?

  • In the Hoenn games you accidentally knock off a female swimmer's top in battle.

Pretty sure off-screen nudity doesn't count; how many supposedly-kid-friendly works employ Naked People Are Funny, after all?

Even if the implication is that they're flinging poop, Toilet Humor is kind of common in children's works. Fairly Odd Parents had a feces-slinging money onscreen.

I see what you're getting at, but I don't see it. It's not blatant enough for us to know for sure. I kept the note about Combusken, though.

  • Another swimmer at one point says that a wave washed her swimsuit off.

Again, offscreen or censored nudity.

...This sounds like a stretch to me...

Another major stretch, IMO.

  • The move Harden has been the butt of jokes since the early days of the franchise. The banana shape of the Mon most known for using it does not help matters.

Mentions the internet mocking it, but in-series it sounds more like Accidental Innuendo.

  • Cloyster bears a striking resemblance to a certain organ present in roughly half of the human population. The Internet has not failed to notice this.

Again. Stuff joking about it (like the couple with the Onyx and the Cloyster) probably count, but Cloyster itself probably wasn't meant to be a vagina reference. (I don't see it, personally, and I have both.)

  • Just think about the name and body shape of Jigglypuff.

It jiggles. And... that's it. It doesn't look like a breast, and there's no connection that I know of between boobs and the word "puff".

  • Pokemon Snap has a screen where Oak says "Press A to do it!".

(facepalm) Ha Ha You Said X, am I right?

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Feb 22nd 2013 at 2:21:44 AM •••

EDIT: Posted this in the wrong section, sorry.

Edited by chaosakita
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