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Feb 15th 2021 at 10:51:11 AM •••

changed the kamen riders build team level.

Old version.

Intermediate Gods (Build, Cross-Z, Grease and Rogue are Greater Gods in Genius, Evol, Perfect Kingdom, and Prime Forms respectively), may border on Overdeity as Cross-Z Build in the case of the former two.

New version.

Lesser Gods (Build, Cross-Z, Grease and Rogue are intermediate Gods in Rabbit Rabbit, Tank Tank, Greater Cross Z, Cross Z charge, greass perfect blizzard, and Prime Forms respectively), becomes greater gods in Genius, Magma, and Perfect Kingdom. may border on Overdeity as Cross-Z Build, and Gold/Silver Rabbit Dragon, Overdiety as Cross Z Evol, Ryuuga has the potential to become an Overdeity in his base form.

Build, Cross-Z, Greass, and Rogue are the base forms so they should be lesser gods in them.

Rabbit Rabbit, Tank Tank, Cross-Z Charge, Cross-Z Great Dragon, Perfect Blizzard, and Rogue Prime should count as intermediate Gods due to being stronger versionns of their basr forms with Cross-Z Great Dragon being a straight up upgrade to his base form. Rogue Prime is really only equal to these forms and is greatly outstripped by the others stronger forms.

Genius, Magma and Perfect Kingdom should count as Greater Gods with Genius being Sento's strongest form with out Ryuuga, and Magma is able tp fight on par with Genius, Perfect Kingdom should be on par with the other two in his movie.

Gold/Silver Rabbit Dragon should be counted as a Possible Overdeity along with Build Cross-Z. Build Cross-Z due to the fact that its only used against Kamen Rider Blood who is weaker than Evolt so we don't know how it would stack up not to mentionthat Sento and Ryuuga had trouble syncing up, and Gold/Silver Rabbit Dragon is also hard to place as it was used when both Sento and Evolt were exhausted and Evolt was being hindered by Ryuuga on the inside and it only lasted a few seconds but its final attack was able to destroy Evolt and cause a massive explosion that could be seen in space.

Cross-Z Evol should count as a Overdeity due to the fact that its the strongest form scene in the build series and surpasses both evolt and Killbus who is stronger than Evolt.

Meanwhile Ryuuga should be stated to jave the potential to become an Overdeity in his base form due to his unique DNA structure and being stated to be one day able to surpass Evolt in power.

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Mar 11th 2021 at 3:11:10 PM •••

@Chrismower: You know there's a proper discussion for that in the Trope Pantheons Discussion. If you wanna tell your reasoning again for the Build Kame Riders' demotion to Lesser status, click here.

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Nov 19th 2015 at 12:48:45 PM •••

Link is classified as the God of Diversified Weaponry, but that title refers to Wall of Weapons, which is a literal wall of weapons, not a character who is armed to the teeth. Shouldn't Link be reclassified?

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Sep 1st 2017 at 7:36:35 PM •••

When will Emiya Shirou get a update on his profile? Prisma Illya Drei has shown us Miyu's brother, there is also a movie for him as Oath Under The Snow.

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