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Jun 11th 2015 at 7:56:56 PM •••

First off, considering that Mega Man is so well known for his gimmick of gun arm, jump-n-shoot, power stealing, I don't see why he's so low powered a god when compared to X. He is, after all, the seed of that infinite potential.

Also, some nominations: Pharaoh Man, god of Talk to the Fist. Evidence.

Dynamo may not be the god of it, but he's at least a patron saint for the Tactical Withdrawal. He is a charismatic reploid that has absolutely no qualms (or shame... but then he has no shame, period) about continually running away so that he can Live To Fight Another Day.

Lumine, demigod of the Louis Cypher, or maybe just Tortured Metaphors in general. Yes, you are a fallen angel who would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven and your final attack is Paradise Lost. Lumine, I think we all know what you're referencing. He's not a faux symbolism deity, since the game is playing Paradise Lost very straight and knows what it's talking about, but dang.

Alternatively! I nominate Lumine for god of Not Me This Time. After seven games in great Mega Man standard fashion, everyone was pretty sure it was Sigma Again. Even SIGMA still thought it was Sigma Again. People playing easy mode finished the game thinking it was Sigma Again. No one believed the PS 2 trailer saying "Rest Assured he isn't coming back." because of course it was going to be Sigma. Then it genuinely wasn't. Which is pretty much a first for all Mega Man games.

Bass.exe seems to have a woefully specific deism. He perfectly embodies some archetype... but I don't think it has a trope for itself. He's a chaotic character aiming to be the strongest and somehow this ends up with him going out to save the world through punching multiple times in the animated series. He'll punch me, he'll punch you, he'll punch Mega Man, he'll punch Wily, he'll punch invading alien forces, he'll punch the internet, he'll punch himself. His aim for perfection through battle is similar to a blood berserker or super saiyan, but the fact that he ends up aiding Mega Man at the same time combined with his creation as a helpful program twists him into new but recognisable territory. I guess you could say he's tsundere about Earth. There's just more to him than a great cape.

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