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Sep 6th 2017 at 8:45:48 AM •••

I took out the entire "Main Game" folder. It consisted of entries that were an Adult Fear that didn't seem to scare anybody, Fridge Horror, a hypothetical, or disturbing imagery (Nausea Fuel, etc.). Those aren't Nightmare Fuel. You can see the clean-up discussion thread here.

    Removed Entries 
  • The events on Fyke Isle in Velen is huge for two reasons - first is that the peasantry decided to Rape, Pillage, and Burn the place because the Lord and his family had fled there, but even worse is that the mage had given Annabelle, the daughter, a potion to drink if she were found. Rather than poison, it was a sleeping potion - but this kept her paralyzed as the rats devoured her alive.
    • Which isn't to say the tower's inhabitants were entirely innocent. The mage Alexander conducted experiments with plague rats, then with live human subjects, while researching the Catriona plague, and the Lord was fully aware of this. So the peasants did deliver some sort of justice... for entirely the wrong reason.
  • The witch hunts in general but also what happens to Keira Metz in particular if you let her go seek amnesty from Radovid with Alexander's research. You later find her in the streets of Novigrad, whole body impaled on a wooden pole with the tip sticking out of her mouth.
    • Sile, the proud Sorceress and villain from The Witcher 2 is found in the dungeons of Temple Isle if you spared her. She's been shaved, tortured, beaten, and possibly sexually abused to the point of death. She begs you to kill her.
  • Whoreson Junior's residence's upstairs which contains almost a dozen freshly-murdered prostitutes whose blood he's taken to bathe in.
  • The scene where Yen uses forbidden, arcane black magic to reanimate a terrified, pain-wracked corpse in order to extract information from him on Ciri's whereabouts is chillingly disturbing — even Geralt is visibly shaken by the experience. Yennefer herself describes the experience as feeling like she had stuck wriggling cockroaches inside her mouth.
  • The "Concerned Citizen" serial killer from the Carnal Sins sidequest in Novigrad tortures his victims in ways so brutal even Geralt is visibly disgusted. Even in this Crapsack World, it still manages to be one of the darkest quests in the game.
    • The killer's MO is to bind the victim, gouge out the eyes to replace with burning coals, their heart carved out and replaced with a salamander egg, and pouring formaldehyde down their throat. Rule of Symbolism is in full force as well, as the killer is on an extreme version of a Scare 'Em Straight campaign in the name of the Church of Eternal Fire. It bears mentioning that all of this is done while the victim is alive, with the killer taking pains to keep them that way until the torture is finished.
    • The Red Herring in the form of the Obviously Evil former torturer church official is equally scary as a brutal sadist who enjoys torturing helpless women, claiming no higher purpose to it beyond his own pleasure and satisfaction. Made worse by the fact that if, after catching him red-handed torturing a prostitute, you leap to the obvious conclusion that he's the killer and kill him without talking to him, the actual killer may continue with his work.
      • The worst part? Even after killing the actual murderer, other "Concerned Citizen" sermons can be found in Novigrad, indicating that he had, indeed, lit a spark.
    • An extra layer of horror is added when you learn, in Blood & Wine, that higher vampires can't be truly killed except by another higher vampire. All it would take is another vampire like Detlaff to bring Hubert Rejk back to life.
  • A Hym possesses people that have committed horrible crimes and forces them to hurt themselves. Even horribly mutilating themselves in the later stages. One might think that wouldn't be bad, but they only latch on to guilt. Meaning sociopaths, psychopaths, and people who honestly don't believe their doing anything wrong won't attract it. It's highly likely that someone that would do anything to make up for their actions would be the most susceptible to possession.
    • It's worse than that, even. You don't actually have to commit the crime, you just have to believe you did. While this comes in handy for tricking the Hym away from its victim (by making someone believe they've done something horrible, and then showing them the truth once the Hym's let the first victim go), it means the Hym's haunting isn't necessarily deserved. For Udalryk, his "crime" was failing to rescue his brother, because he couldn't hear Aki drowning until it was too late. The guilt over this accident made Udalryk the Hym's victim for years, causing him to eventually gouge out his own eye. It's basically PTSD in demon form, at least for some of its victims.

    Entries Moved to the Works Page 
  • The Botchling, which is a thing straight from real-life fairy tales. A miscarried child which was abandoned without proper rites coming back from the dead to haunt the family which abandoned it.
    • And 'haunting' translates to causing miscarriages or even murdering pregnant women and infants.
  • The entire concept of the Ladies of the Wood. The all-seeing, all-hearing god-like entities who capture and eat children are like something out of the very darkest fairy-tales.
    • The horrifying realization that you can't rescue the children you just met if you refuse to let an Eldritch Abomination out of a tree. If you do, it destroys a nearby village and can lead to the Bloody Baron's suicide, if you aren't careful in your dealings with him.
    • The orphans in the swamp are handling their situation quite well. But you really should think twice about asking Johnny's friend what happened to his parents.

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Oct 13th 2018 at 5:24:00 PM •••

I've added the entries from the Main Game folder back in because their absence makes the page look incomplete. I don't see the reasoning for their removal, especially since they are not far off from the content in DL Cs that have been kept in for some reason. Given how the page is made up entirely of subjective opinions, it doesn't matter if you don't personally find it scary. Because of that, your statement that the examples on the page "didn't seem to scare anybody" is a nebulous claim at best and complete nonsense at worst. Additionally, you seem to think Nightmare Fuel is mutually exclusive to other tropes. Some things can provoke both nausea and feelings of terror.

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