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Sep 8th 2015 at 8:11:05 AM •••

Maybe it's just me, but names like Acorn, Pear, Water Lily, Sunflower or Dandelion don't sound menacing or ominous to me. The only possible candidate for the trope is Alraune (Mandrake), insofar it is a poisonous plant to which folklore attributes many a supernatural power, but since the example does not say what kind of character Alraune is, the name could also be meaningless.

  • The robots in PN 03 all have German plant names, such as Eichel (acorn), Birne (pear), Seerose (water lily), Sonnenblume (sunflower), Loewenzahn (dandelion), and Alraune (mandrake, a hallucinogenic nightshade).

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