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Camacan MOD
Aug 5th 2011 at 12:25:14 AM •••

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  • Shown Their Work: Despite Word Salad Titles. Whenever someone discussed The Crusade around it's release in 2006, the #1 word used in the discussion was "Metallica". Yes, the album reflects Metallica influence, but that's like saying Barber's "Adaggio for Strings" shows Wagner influence because it's emotional and uses strings. Everyone in modern Metal reflects the influence of Metallica, but their sound is not an appropriate synonym for most of the songs on ''The Crusade''. That much is not debatable, given that the band has two main lead guitarists, not one, changes keys between songs, and reflects just plain more sounds than Thrash. For a specific name of where the Thrash elements come from, Word of God states that Megadeth's Rust In Peace influenced both guitarists more than any Metallica album, and the musical ideas on that album certainly seem to reflect many of the ones on The Crusade. This Troper hears a lot of Testament's Practice What You Preach.

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