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Jan 28th 2018 at 9:40:59 AM •••

[[quoteright:350:[[Fallout 2]]]]

[[quoteright:350: [[Fallout 2]]

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Feb 6th 2018 at 9:11:20 PM •••
some caption text

[[quoteright:350:[[Fallout 2]]

some caption text

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Feb 6th 2018 at 10:17:59 PM •••

If you want to suggest a picture, you should probably take it up in the Image Pickin' forum

Jan 24th 2018 at 11:25:21 PM •••

Main image of fallout CM It should go to frank Horrigan
[[caption-width-right:186 You've gotten a lot farther than you should have, but then you haven't met Frank Horrigan either. Your ride's over, mutie. Time to die.:]] I found this on fallout wiki

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Sep 14th 2013 at 10:22:16 AM •••

Ceazer the leader of legon, from New Vegas should be here

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Nov 20th 2013 at 9:05:22 PM •••

Nope. He's a well intentioned extremist and possesses redeeming traits, both of which disqualify him.

Dec 7th 2012 at 2:54:57 PM •••

I get the cutting of the Van Graffs and Mortimer, much as I may despise them. I get that the Enclave had one Punch-Clock Villain too many, particularly after New Vegas was released. But why was Werner cut? He doesn't give a shit about the slaves, and if not for the fact that the developers had a moment of Genre Savvy for their own safety, he'd have remorselessly killed a baby! How does that NOT qualify you?

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Dec 26th 2012 at 5:18:12 PM •••

There was enough contention about his acts that he couldn't get the votes nessicary to push him over. The part about the developers not letting him kill a baby being the only reason why he didn't kill a baby is purely conjecture and entirely irrelevant; he didn't kill the baby and that's the sticking point.

The discussion on him is also closed.

Dec 7th 2012 at 2:51:15 PM •••

^ Agreed. He seems pretty remorseless until you hold a gun to his head, and what he's done is treated as heinous.

Dec 26th 2012 at 5:16:51 PM •••

Offscreen Villainy. All of his henious acts are completely unseen and we don't even get to see what he did to New Caanan, and what he did order his tribe to do in the DLC is on par with what raiders do.

Note: The Discussion on him is CLOSED, trying to bring it back up in the cleanup thread will be ignored, trying to add it back to the YMMV page will being on moderator warnings.

Sep 4th 2012 at 11:41:45 PM •••

Just a little thing: Frank Horrigan is in the Secret Service, not the CIA. Can someone fix this? The page is locked.

Nov 7th 2011 at 3:22:34 PM •••

Since the CM trope is in danger of being placed on the cutting block, I'm removing the following:

  • The Van Graffs—Gloria has an arrangement with the Crimson Caravan Company to wipe out any potential competitors with extreme prejudice, while her brother Jean-Baptiste Cutting is a trigger-happy bastard who would just as soon plug you as say hello. Gloria's Establishing Character Moment has her order Jean-Baptiste to disintegrate one of her own thugs to scare a customer into making good on his end of a deal.

Cut because at teh end of the day they're not special in the Fallout World; they're just a pair of murderers and murderers are a bottlecap a dozen in the wasteland. They kill for money too, which is at least a justification compared to some particular fiends who kill just for the thrill.

  • Mortimer of the White Glove Society, attempts to cannabilize kidnapped victims at the society's hotel, even attempting to have banquet attendees eat human flesh unknowingly.

Mortimer's crimes just aren't beyond the pale enough for the Fallout world. Again, he's a bottlecap a dozen, his only gimmick is that he was planning to feed the formal cannibals human flesh. Evil, but not Complete Monster material in the Fallout world.

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Aug 29th 2012 at 7:57:47 PM •••

nvm (Made a case in the Special Efforts thread pointing to this, and it didn't pass)

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