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Nov 5th 2014 at 5:35:05 AM •••

Do you think the Shout-Out list is long enough for its own page?

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Nov 5th 2014 at 9:06:42 AM •••

Maybe, but a lot of the entries strike me as questionable.

Nov 5th 2014 at 1:42:59 PM •••

They seem like coincidental similarities.

Nov 5th 2014 at 2:02:32 PM •••

They seem intentional to me, at least the ones I recognize. Which ones seem coincidental?

Nov 6th 2014 at 5:59:21 AM •••

The splash text examples are almost entirely without context, and do seem to be largely coincidental.

Like... "Joel is neat" is a Deadmau5 reference? Imma need word of god on that one.

Nov 6th 2014 at 5:21:31 PM •••

You're right, I guess. For reference, here are the ones that are definitely intentional: 1) "Not on Steam!" Steam is well-known for hosting many video games, and not Minecraft, so it's a reference. 2) "That's no moon!" Well-known as a Star Wars line. 3) "Peter Griffin!" Peter Griffin is a well-known character from Family Guy. 4) "Less addictive than TV Tropes!" Well, yeah. 5) "Try X!" Those games are pretty well-known, and used in very few, if any, other contexts. 6) "Lives in a pineapple under the sea!" That phrase is well-known about Spongebob. 7) The paintings: They're identical to the originals, so they're references. 8) "The Lie"- it's a reference to Portal. If you change the game's language to Pirate, it says "Pirates don't get Portal references". 9) "Adventuring Time"- Adventure Time is well known, and it's very similar. 10) The Enderman/Slenderman- Confirmed by Word of God, as stated. 11) The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog- That name has only been used in Monty Python, so it's a reference.

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