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Apr 24th 2014 at 1:57:35 PM •••

Actually that's just a thank you, but I don't know what I would do without TV Tropes when I find out a series that I don't know but have interest in, such as this one.

If it wasn't for the description on that page I woldn't have watched this show past the episode 03 when they start to make it look like Yasuna likes Hazumu. That girl simply doesn't deserve to have her chance back with him/her and knowing that she will eventually lose made it worth watching the anime and don't burning in rage forever after an ending that I wouldn't like.

So, thank you, TV Tropes.

Aug 7th 2012 at 12:45:40 AM •••

What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? has been renamed to Mundane Made Awesome because of widespread misuse and confusion. I can't really tell if the following example is correct use or not—I could see it either way—so I'm moving it here for others who know the work to judge.

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