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Jan 10th 2019 at 6:20:49 PM •••

In what way is this a \"Shared Universe\" with \"Aku no Hana\"? I don\'t see any connection.

Apr 27th 2016 at 5:49:41 PM •••

It has kinda become huge enough to make a character page for... but... how can we even do that? As it's so confusing because of the characters..! Sure Yori, Eriko and stuff is easy enough, but Mari and Isao and stuff... Different entries?

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Apr 28th 2016 at 6:34:55 PM •••

Maybe folders like "Isao Komori / Mari Yoshizaki" and "Isao Komori" by himself. Or "Isao Komori Inside Mari" and "The Real Isao Komori". the tricky part comes in whether you want to treat the reveal that the real Isao exists as a spoiler. I'm inclined not to, since it comes up fairly early if I recall and would require a great deal more spoiler tagging than already is going to be needed.

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