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Jan 25th 2012 at 5:46:11 PM •••

These examples need context before being added back in. See also How To Write An Example.

Nov 1st 2011 at 1:34:04 PM •••

Is there any particular reason we're sticking with the Japanese names for this series? I doubt any tropers are reading anything but the Viz version these days, and it's a bit confusing to have the Japanese names everywhere.

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Nov 22nd 2018 at 5:36:02 PM •••

Here to chime in on this, too. There\'s currently no English-language stuff using the name \"Gunnm\" for the manga; the Kodansha printings of the original manga and Last Order use the \"Battle Angel Alita\" name, and the live-action movie is using the name \"Alita: Battle Angel.\" We should really switch it over so that nobody gets confused.

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