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May 17th 2015 at 7:08:06 PM •••

I've removed GRR Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire.

-"Wroth" as "anger" is attested in, which uses "with great wroth". The editorial 'with no historical precedent' of the deleted entry would appear to be false on face.

-Using 'mislike' instead of 'dislike' would seem to be a really weak basis for invoking this trope.

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Apr 21st 2014 at 7:15:16 AM •••

I heard that even the King James Version bible was quite "olde englishe" for its own time. Is that true?

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Jan 22nd 2015 at 7:56:30 PM •••

This is true, and the page's current version gives the wrong reason for calling God "thou". At the time of the KJV, the you-vs-thou distinction was formal-vs-informal, but before then it had once been plural-vs-singular, a distinction lost in modern English except in non-standard words like "youse". Hence God is "thou" not out of informality, but out of singularity.

Jul 31st 2013 at 6:06:14 AM •••

So, in example lists, does this trope go under Y or O?

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Telcontar MOD
Jul 31st 2013 at 8:26:15 AM •••

I'd put it under Y. Although "ye" was a form of "the", it is now seen as special enough that I wouldn't ignore it for alphabetisation purposes.