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Jul 28th 2017 at 4:49:42 AM •••

  • Ace Attorney
    • Averted in case 3-5. While Phoenix and Edgeworth manages to clear the charges of murder against the defendant, she goes to jail for a few weeks anyway because of her changing and tampering with the crime scene spectacularly.
    • Played completely straight at the end of 3-2. Phoenix proves that Ron is completely innocent of both stealing the Urn and of murder, but gets away scot-free for all the thefts he did commit: the first trial wasn't only to determine who stole the urn, but who was Mask☆DeMasque, and since he's proven innocent, double jeopardy law states he can't be tried again.
    • Otherwise, tends to be averted. Most clients who did commit crimes (just not the ones they were charged for) come clean and accept their due punishment.
Not sure about that. As far as i can tell this is about getting away from crimes commited while proving your innocence of a bigger crime which was never the case. Ron being the thief and being a murderer were two completely seperate cases, which just happened to have the same defendant, and he got of from the first one because of good lawyer and double jeopardy. Iris didn't try to prove her innocence, just the opposite, she basically framed herself to take the heat off Maya. Same for the other cases, no one commeted any crimes simply while trying to prove their innocence.

Dec 24th 2012 at 8:57:49 PM •••

So in the anime section, this page says that breaking out of jail isn't illegal in Germany, but in the real life section is says that it is. Which is it?

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