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Oct 1st 2012 at 2:37:29 PM •••

Removed this entry

  • Girls with Slingshots. Hazel, who acted as an abrasive, immature and completely self-centered person, but that we are all supposed to root for, is well on her way to reconciling with Zach; this after Zach broke up with their entirely sex-based (on her part) relationship because she refused to communicate with him about their future, AT ALL. A situation she brought upon herself and that she refused to recognize, even after the break-up, not helped by the fact that her gay friend told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

All we know as of right now is that they talked and ended up spending the night together. That is not "getting back together". If they do get back together without addressing Hazel's issues, feel free to repost.

And for the record, just because Darren (the gay friend) a hedonistic man-slut just as selfish and immature as Hazel, he's doesn't mean he's not right. If Hazel wasn't ready for what Zach wanted, she just wasn't ready, and that's that. Beating herself up over it wouldn't do any good (especially given Hazel's lack of self-awareness).

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Oct 4th 2012 at 6:25:23 AM •••

Fair enough, although my entry did specify that Hazel was "well on her way to reconciling with Zach" not that they already did it; But, "ending up spending the night together" (and confirmed having sex, or did they?) after a painful break-up does signal a reconciliation from a mile away.

Also, if they do get back together with Zach apologizing for "putting pressure on Hazel" it will be this trope, because he never did so. It was pointed out by readers many times on the GWS website that it wasn't that Zach was pressuring her for marriage, he just wanted to talk about their plans to get a sense of where the relationship was going, Hazel refused to communicate at all, and that's something Darren got wrong on his advice to Hazel. A lot of people expressed that what Darren said would be terrible advice for a person like Hazel, regardless of its source.

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Feb 26th 2011 at 4:07:20 AM •••

I removed this example:

  • The Big Bang Theory: This troper often wonders why Leonard doesn't get Penny out of his life fast!

Apart from This Troper, it doesn't have an explanation, and it doesn't even mention if it actually involves Leonard taking Penny back after she did something dickish, or if it's just someone complaining about a couple they don't like.

If it actually applies, someone who watches the show please add it back with some elaboration.

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Jan 26th 2017 at 12:46:21 PM •••

Penny used to be extremely bipolar about whether she wanted to be with Leonard or the hunk of the week. She was also a slob and not very intelligent. Now they've settled into a more healthy "We both have problems, but we still love each other," kind of relationship, actually getting married, and the example wouldn't make much sense anymore.

Mar 27th 2010 at 6:14:28 AM •••

Can we change the trope title to Why Would Anyone Take Them Back? Perhaps less grammatically correct, but there are examples from both genders, and the current title indulges in a bit of The Unfair Sex.

Mar 20th 2010 at 1:18:09 PM •••

Putting this discussion here:

  • Hated? Ryoki/Hatsumi was a popular pairing in Japan. Plus Hatsumi's other choices weren't all that great/plentiful, they were either taken (Subaru), coordinated a gangbang rape (although he felt horrible amd repentant about it after) (Asuza), or her adopted brother (Shinogu). I'm pretty sure that the novel wasn't created for that purpose, only that Shinogu/Hatsumi was the most popular pairing in the series.
    • I think there are significant amounts of hatedom for Ryoki/Hatsumi. And just as you say, the novel with Shinogu/Hatsumi was created to handwave off Ryoki/Hatsumi because even the people in Japan preferred that coupling a lot more. In other words, even over there, the people realized that the dogged nice guy was a better choice compared to the jerk that kept picking on her. Also, just because Hatsumi didn't have a huge harem of wonderfully eligible bachelors that were better than Ryoki doesn't suddenly make Ryoki such a wonderful choice that she should take back after every time they break up.

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