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Nov 22nd 2021 at 7:24:40 PM •••

I don't think a lot of things listed under this trope are true examples. When I look over the examples I'd say at least a third of them are just "character is mentioned to like a certain food", not a character having a cartoonishly exaggerated love of a food. I'd say least some of this is due to fandom's tendency to warp "character likes a food" into "character is obsessed with a food", but even so a person just having a favorite food is a pretty normal occurrence and shouldn't really qualify as a trope unless they like it to an absurd degree.

Mar 20th 2021 at 9:55:42 AM •••

Previous Trope Repair Shop thread: Needs Help, started by DoudechaChroma on Apr 2nd 2016 at 10:15:36 AM

Aug 18th 2015 at 12:21:48 PM •••

These pages are bad about breaking the example indentation guidelines. (Example Indentation In Trope Lists) I cleaned up the Western Animation section, which was so bad most examples were wrong, but the other sections need work too.

Mar 26th 2012 at 4:32:54 AM •••

Zero Punctuation was listed under both Web Animation and Web Original. I removed it from the first section, since it doesn't really count as Web Animation (it's a review show that happens to be illustrated with Flash animations).

Dec 3rd 2011 at 4:05:13 PM •••

I think in the print volumes of "Van Von Hunter" the Sidekick got addicted to the brownies the goblins (once known as the hollow-tree dwelling, cookie-baking elfs) made. She went back and for a golf-club sized bag of them, and eats them when she can. When Van threw the brownies at the zombies to get them from eating the party's brains, she had a big NO! and nearly sank her teeth into one to get a brownie back.

(Those POWERFUL brownies gave the brain-hungry zombies mental clarity, and they realize the brownies were better than brains. One zombie even asks in disbelief, "What have we been DOING all this time?!")

The Sidekick, down to her last brownie, also does a Gollumesque performance with Large Ham moments as she bemoans the need to eat it...then along comes a cart pushed by a goblin advertising more brownies. Few pages later, she'd gotten a box of brownies and a drink to go with them.

Jul 22nd 2011 at 8:12:24 PM •••

Why not seperate certain foods such as Ramen, Burgers and Pizza?

Mar 25th 2010 at 7:18:53 AM •••

Something occurred to me when I woke up this morning... If we could find or create an image of Rei Ayanami holding a container of would possibly be the best page image ever...

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