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Jul 5th 2010 at 3:23:12 PM •••

On Mike's Alpha Pro review

1 - He complains that it's too hard playing the hardest difficulty with the weakest character.

Well, fuck. Hard is hard. Damn. I've finished the game playing recruit on Veteran. How dare they provide a challenge for people who have already finished the game! Sure, it's hard, but it's not undoable by any stretch of the imagination.

Sure you can play an RPG any way you want, but I don't complain that Fallout 3 is hard if I refuse to use guns or play a character with End 1.

2 - Joe doesn't seem to realize that character skill is a factor in hitting.

The thing where he crouches and fires a pistol repeatedly at the same target for 2 minutes kind of drives me nuts.

The game specifically tells/shows you, both in the instructions AND in the unskippable tutorial, that bullets can go anywhere within the larger circle when you pull the trigger. The circle shrinks as you aim. I.E. Your skill and how long you aim reflect where the bullet goes - it doesn't automatically hit where you are trying to aim.

So what he's doing in this game is complaining that a guy with no skill in pistols can't hit a target from 60 feet away by blazing away. Which seems silly to me.

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