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Oct 18th 2011 at 9:20:21 AM •••

There are a couple of gestures that go along with these; worth noting?

  • "Eureka!" - Fist next to head, pointer finger pointing up
  • "Hmm..." - Hand holding chin; stroke beard, if applicable
  • "Oh my G-d, what have we done?" - Take off glasses
  • "Hm-hm..." - Take off glasses, chew on the ear-wrapping-around-end thoughtfully; in the unlikely event that you don't have glasses and are still doing science, substitute the tip of your pen or pencil
  • "Fascinating." - Raise one eyebrow
  • "Interesting." - Same as "Hmm" but lean back slightly; bonus points for raising an eyebrow on this one as well
  • "According to My Calculations..." and "Carry the One..." - If you don't have anything to actually write on, move your fingers around like you were finger painting math in the air
  • "For Science!" - Same as for "Eureka", except adding in the following motion: move the hand in a small, inward spiral as you lift it over your head

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