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Mar 17th 2013 at 11:27:35 PM •••

I think that we should differentiate between characters acknoledging the viewers, and full interaction through the fourth wall;

  • A character in a video show speaks something directly to the audience. Being a linear video, the character will not respond to what the audience says to them.
  • Speaking across the fourth wall becomes bi-directional. The character says something to the viewer. The viewer speaks to respond to the character. The character then responds to the viewer. This is most likely to happen in video games.

Jan 26th 2011 at 6:06:36 AM •••

No examples for 'Beyond Fourth Wall'? Without a more solid definition, people are just going to use it as a hyperbole for other categories.

Mar 25th 2010 at 1:54:32 PM •••

Repost from the Archive, to make clearer why they're the only examples provided: Bob And George and One Over Zero aren't in any way special; they're listed purely for illumination, rather than specialness. If you can find a better pair of examples that theoretically go in the same region of this scale, but one is clearly further down the scale than the other, go ahead and replace them.

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