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Oct 14th 2019 at 6:22:49 PM •••

Do you think, in the description, we should list other tropes for specific shelled animals too?

Or maybe we could even make this an index.

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Oct 23rd 2019 at 9:44:45 AM •••

Oh, sorry that I didn\'t see this post before! Those do both sound like interesting ideas to me. I think I\'ll go ahead and at least add the tropes to the description soon, if everyone\'s okay with it.

An index for shelled animals may also be worth considering. I wonder if there are enough tropes for it?

Oct 23rd 2019 at 10:26:51 AM •••

I think we could do the index. Actually, that might be better than adding the tropes to the description. Sorry. :P

There\'s also Clam Trap and Perplexing Pearl Production.

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