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sunnyloop Since: Dec, 2014
Mar 12th 2015 at 10:02:25 PM •••

Removed two "seems like shoujo" entries, since I think even new viewers would not call them shoujo genre. Removed because if we let in entries like this, that list could get very long, and, importantly, less meaningful.

The removed lines:

  • Saki - It seems like it would fall into this rather nicely, but it's a seinen.
Saki: Whether or not you're familiar with genres, I think it's exceedingly clear that the series is not aimed primarily toward females. The constant haitenai and not-uncommon breast jokes/references are a giveaway, although the former is toned down a bit in the anime. Anyhow, even from the art style combined with the premise you can tell it's "seinen moe" at best. Far from Shoujo.

  • Toradora - It's often mistaken for shoujo because it is a romance but it is actually a shounen.
Toradora: a male-pov harem anime, another not-shoujo. Yes, it has less ecchi than some harem anime, but there are many other harem anime which have equally little ecchi and even more of a shoujo feel, and even among those, there are very few which I'd think were made for females. The statement "many people consider it to be a shoujo since it has romance" seems biased to local experience.