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Jun 18th 2018 at 10:22:45 PM •••

If this is ever unlocked, there's also Future Diary's Tsubaki Kasugano. After her parents were murdered and Funatsu took over the cult, he kept Tsubaki locked up and told the other cult members to use her as the "sponge" for when they "cleansed themselves of sin".

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Jun 19th 2018 at 6:29:13 AM •••

... why do people keep posting here saying "if this is ever unlocked"? There's a thread in Long-Term Projects for making edits to locked pages. Use that. It's linked several times on this page.

Edited by Larkmarn
Feb 17th 2018 at 11:54:52 AM •••

When this is unlocked, Shirakawa from Elfen Lied. In the manga, she's a sex slave to Director Kakuzawa to get information from him.

Aug 21st 2017 at 4:36:13 PM •••

If/When this is unlocked, Cait from Fallout 4 should be added to this. It's all but directly stated she was this for 5 years of her life. It's heavily implied she performed sexual favors to survive for another 3. Plus, a cut line of dialog heavily implies she was coerced back into this role when a raider she thought of as a friend got angry she refused to sleep with him, and had her ganged up on (left vague if gangrape in nature or only brutal beating) to show her what would happen if she walked out on him again.

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Jul 21st 2017 at 3:56:42 PM •••

Does anyone else think the image is in bad taste? It's clearly fetishizing sex slavery.

Jan 13th 2017 at 6:10:37 AM •••

The John Norman Gor books seem conspicuous by their absence in this article. Is there a reason for that?

Sep 21st 2014 at 3:51:18 AM •••

When this gets unlocked (or rather 'if') can somebody fix the Knights of the Old Republic example?

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Sep 21st 2014 at 4:20:31 AM •••

You can ask here - I've submitted an edit request.

Sep 25th 2016 at 10:54:25 AM •••

And can we also mention this as part of Lillian Schneider's backstory in White Dark Life?

Jun 9th 2014 at 12:50:55 PM •••

Regarding the TV show Dollhouse: Most of the actives are paid workers or volunteers on some level, which makes them not slaves. Others are not there voluntarily, or had no better options, whcih fits the trope better.

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Jan 13th 2017 at 6:08:01 AM •••

It's also pretty clear that many of the actives were exploited in a vulnerable time, and forgetting traumatic events seems to be as much a part of the pitch as the paycheck.

Jun 2nd 2013 at 5:56:11 PM •••

Does anyone think we should add some site links to the description for those interested in getting involved in stopping this? Like these:

Jun 3rd 2012 at 1:22:32 PM •••

Could someone with editing privileges please remove the ]] at the end of the description? If you're going to lock the article then make sure there are no obvious errors in the writing.

Edited by MichaelKatsuro Hide/Show Replies
Jan 8th 2012 at 7:37:07 PM •••

Why no Real Life examples? That rules out discussions of the whole John Norman fandom, the real-life human trafficking industry, mail-order brides, etc. It's not as if there's much controversy about whether such things exist. Why the ban?

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Jan 8th 2012 at 7:40:44 PM •••

Keeping them is basically flame bait and just asking for trolls, Single-Issue Wonk and all sorts of editing that we don't want to make a mess of the page. If you want to dicuss them, you have to find to a different site. Trope pages should really not be like forums.

Edited by Oreochan
Sep 18th 2011 at 11:50:33 PM •••

I put this back:

Lost Girl plays with this: the closest anyone comes to using the word "slave" to describe Lauren is when she refers to herself as the Ash's property, even though she clearly is a slave, even to the point of wearing a Slave Collar. She nevertheless enjoys a great deal of prestige within the fae community, and is primarily valuable as a slave for her medical expertise. All the same, when it suits his purpose, the Ash orders her to seduce and sleep with Bo, even though it ends up wrecking her relationship with Bo when she finds out that that was why Lauren slept with her.
Because is very clearly the Ash's property, and is referred to as such more than once, and she herself acknowledges that she is his property. In one episode, the Ash orders her to have sex with Bo. That's a pretty good working definition of the term Sex Slave.

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Oct 5th 2012 at 1:17:00 AM •••

I think that the term "sex slave" is reserved for slaves whose primary - or at least regular - "duty" is sex. You could argue that having to do it even once technically qualifies you, but the term really implies it's a regular occurence. More importantly, though, didn't the Ash just order her to keep Bo occupied, which Lauren chose to do by sleeping with Bo because she was in love with her?

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