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Aug 12th 2010 at 11:38:33 AM •••


Lack of examples seems to be from not launching properly.

The closest trope, that may be the one Hylarn is talking about, appears to be He's Back for that involves characters for whom this might apply and a He's Back seems to be built into this trope. Still, there is a clear difference in what they are talking about and the only reason to consider not needing both is if there is a one-to-one correspondance that indicates it is just a difference of viewpoint. The descriptions can show how they can be easily separate and He's Back doesn't even seem to have this as a sizeable minority of examples.

In case that was not it, I've also tried looking around, what we may call, Coming Out Of Action Tropes and can not find anything. In the future, such a task would be made easier if Coming Out Of Action was blue shifted and made an index of such tropes.

It can stay.

In fact, there may be two tropes in here. Two of these are literally from a scrap heap (Chitty Chitty Bang Band was suggested as a third but that car was invented from brand new by my memory and the characters were all fine so I think they remembered incorrectly). There may be more such characters in Cars, Thomas The Tank Engine and TUGS. These could form a subtrope.

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