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Jan 23rd 2017 at 9:25:28 PM •••

Is it this trope or another one if multiple guests show up, but a character fails to recognize a famous one but immediately identifies a more obscure one?

Dec 1st 2014 at 11:15:19 AM •••

So ya, staying true to my sloppy personality, after adding the Elijah Wood/Daniel Radcliffe example I decided to look around to see that I got all the info and tropes right, and I noticed in the description something I missed, that my case technically counts as a "Mistaken Celebrity". However, what confuses me is that it's redlinked. Was it once a genuine article that got removed for some reason, or has it never existed in the first place? Which would be weird, seeing as it's in the main description of the trope after all, but I can see no other references to it anywhere.

(I'm pretty sure my example would already have been noted if Mistaken Celebrity had been an article, too.)

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