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TheLyniezian Is not actually from Lyniezia Since: Aug, 2012
Is not actually from Lyniezia
Aug 20th 2014 at 8:03:34 AM •••

"Sort of like a podcast, but sent over the open airwaves"? This (at the time of writing) opens the article without a hint of irony, despite the fact that pretty much anyone under the age of... 10?... 20?... is going to have grown up well before the phenomenon of "podcasting" even existed, and will define podcasts in terms of radio, not the other way round.

You might as well describe it as "just like television, without the pictures"- though those parts of the world with an ongoing speech radio tradition (like Britain) still have a reference point that doesn't relate to New Media.

How might we rectify this? (Temptation being to go along the funny/sarcastic "When I Was Your Age..."/Grumpy Old Man type route but that sounds like bashing our younger tropers...

By the way, I'm "only" 29 (and an avid Radio 4 listener).

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giggles Since: Jan, 2001
Mar 22nd 2012 at 11:23:06 PM •••

There isn't a clear enough distinction between "Older Than Television radio programs" and "Radio programs", because a number of these existed in both mediums and overlap these time frames. And what starting date are we using here when we say "older than television"? If we go by Older Than Television, there would be some overlap, but generally television would "begin" in the 1940s.

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IceCrystal Since: Apr, 2009
Feb 20th 2011 at 11:29:58 PM •••

Regarding the Radio and Radio Drama indexes:

Some of the works are listed in both indexes, but there isn't an exact overlap and neither list are really categorized. It seems odd to have Abbott and Costello listed under "drama". I'm willing to do some tidying up, unless there's specific reasoning behind the lists as they are! :)

For instance, we could make a new index for Radio Comedies. Or, if the number of them on the wiki doesn't warrant a new index, just divide up the list of notable programs on Radio into categories and make sure it is complete, containing all of those from Radio Drama. And remove the shows that are not dramas from the Radio Drama index. Thoughts?

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giggles Since: Jan, 2001
Mar 21st 2012 at 12:19:59 AM •••

I've noticed this too. The idea currently behind the Radio Drama page is to list scripted shows, and is not necessarily referring to only non-comedic works, so I don't think each genre warrants its own index page. Also, the main focus of Radio Drama is on OTR (Old Time Radio), and revival series and much less on modern radio dramas/sitcoms (though there are some). Perhaps the Radio Drama page should be dedicated only to Old Time Radio through 1962? It's tough since this date is focused on the death of American OTR and doesn't take other countries into account.

A couple of other possibilities:

  1. Move all the programs to the Radio page as mentioned previously, and add to the bottom of the main content of the Radio Drama page asking tropers to not add shows to the page in future.
  2. Rename the Radio Drama page to something else to eliminate any confusion (Scripted Radio? Scripted Radio Drama?), then list all programs on this page instead, all comedy, drama, western, scifi, children's, etc. There would need to be a category for game/talk/variety/music shows as well, which fits less well into the category of "drama", though. Maybe those would belong on the Radio page and not the subpage, or its own subpage. In that case, there could be Radio Drama and Radio Music And Variety, something like that.

Would removing the shows from Radio Drama change that page, then, from an index to a useful notes page?

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troacctid [[VisualPun "µ."]] Since: Apr, 2010
[[VisualPun "µ."]]
Sep 5th 2011 at 10:29:21 PM •••

Un-italicizing the index because most of the items on it aren't works and don't need to be italicized. The first three sections are trope stuff, the fourth section is for entire networks (which aren't work titles, so shouldn't be italicized), and the list of works is peppered with Creator pages that are titled with the name of the host (not italicized) rather than the name of the show.

Italicizing just the ones that are also the name of the work is an option, but I didn't do it because

  1. I don't actually know which of the creator names is also the actual name of the show, and I don't want to get it wrong.
  2. I thought it would probably look silly to have some of them italicized and some of them unitalicized.
  3. Anyway, it's no big deal if we don't italicize indices.

If someone else is interested enough to figure out which ones are the names of works and italicize just those ones, feel free, of course.

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